4 Tips For Householders Who Need To Get Rid Of Some Bulky Waste

Several tons of waste are generated in municipal areas regularly. However, bulk wastes are slightly different as they do not need regular disposal and hence most municipal waste management systems do not have the capability to dispose of them.

The bulky waste consists of old furniture pieces, old electronic items like freezers, a broken piece of the window etc. All these are pretty heavy, and most of them need to be disposed of carefully to prevent damage to human life and the environment. So the next time you have to dispose of your old sofa set, you can check this site for bulky waste disposal.

What To Do If You Want To Dispose Of Some Bulky Waste

1. Try To Give To Someone In Need

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The best way to get rid of something is to make it use-worthy for someone less. Thus, giving your old furniture or electronic items as charity is a great option. Many NGOs will help you get in touch with old age homes and orphanages, which are open to receiving bulky items as gifts.

So if you have an old sofa set, dining table or an air cooler, you can give it up as a charity. Donating to less privileged people has several advantages. You definitely feel happy and satisfied when you donate to someone who cannot afford it themselves.

Also, most NGOs or charitable organizations arrange for the pickup of the heavy item that is being donated, so you do not have to worry about transporting it.

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However, when you donate, do not try to dump all your waste on them. Always give something that is useful for the underprivileged. So if you have a sofa set, you can donate it, but old car parts may not be used in an old-age home. So make an offer that is useful for both sides.

Also, do not give something in tatters when you donate. So if the upholstery on the sofa is torn, you can get some rework done on it. If a piece of furniture needs minor repairs, you can shell out a few bucks to get it repaired.

2. Hire A Waste Collection Container Or A Professional Waste Clearing Company

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If you have to clear out the entire apartment, then you will have a lot of things to dispose of, and in such cases, it is best to hire a waste disposal container or a professional company.

There are several advantages of hiring a waste disposal container, as these container owners know the right way to dispose of the waste. In fact, when you have heavy-weight objects to dispose of, you cannot use your own vehicle for transport, and a professional waste disposal company and a proper waste disposal truck will ensure that the entire process, from collecting the waste to disposing of it is done in a safe and sound manner.

Most professional companies will offer to clean up after the waste has been collected, and this ensures that the house is not left dirty and messy after the old and damaged objects have been removed.

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Moreover, a professional company will make sure that the disposal happens in an environmentally safe manner. There are several rules and regulations for disposing of items like refrigerators and coolers.

Most refrigerators and coolers have a compound known as CFC or chlorofluorocarbon. CFC is dangerous when released into the environment as it can affect the ozone layer that protects the earth from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.

Most countries have explicit norms for disposing of CFCs, and they need to be incinerated to break the chemical into harmless compounds. Hence, you cannot simply dump a refrigerator as and when you want. You have to follow the safety guidelines for disposal, and it is quite a task for a person to remember all the rules, so it is best to strike a deal with a professional company that deals with bulky waste on a regular basis.

3. Check If Any Of The Item Can Be Exchanged At A Take-Back Service

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Many countries have come up with norms, especially for electronic goods, where the retailer or the manufacturer has to take responsibility for the generated end-of-lifecycle waste. Many electrical circuits contain harmful chemicals, which, if left in the open, can cause soil pollution and can be harmful to human life.

So if you are looking forward to disposing of an electronic item, then you must check out if the manufacturer or retailer offers a Take-back scheme. Take-back schemes are great as most of the items are recycled in the next production cycle.

Moreover, some companies offer some discounts in the next round of purchases if you return the used items in good condition. So if you have some bulky electronic waste you need to dispose of, you must try to find out if there is a take-back or buy-back scheme.

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4. Try Reusing The Old Item Yourself

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You may not require an oil sofa or an old freezer anymore, but you can always put it to use in some way or another. For instance, if an old refrigerator is not cooling things optimally, then it can be used as a kitchen fridge.

However, not all the bulky items that you want to get rid of can be used, and in most cases, you will have to contact a professional clearing and disposal company to help you with the disposal process.


Disposing of wastes like old furniture and electronic goods is quite a challenge given the heavy weight of the items that are to be disposed of. The disposal process often leaves broken parts or damages the house’s interior while removing discarded objects.

So it is essential that you hire a well-experienced and professional clearing and disposal company that guarantees a hassle-free collection facility. There are many companies that offer appointments on a short-term basis, and they will get rid of most of the troubles related to your bulky waste.