Top 5 Platforms for Musicians

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an advanced musician because you should always search for different ways to improve your craft.

Today, I prepared what I believe are the best platforms for musicians looking to advance in their fields of expertise.

Keep reading below to learn more about those platforms, and hopefully, in the end, you will know where to start improving your craft.

1. Drumeo


Drumeo is one of the most popular platforms in the drumming community. In addition, it doesn’t matter if you are just starting to play drums or are already a professional because Drumeo will offer you new ways to improve.

However, I believe Drumeo is the perfect option for beginners since it has a lot of content that aims to help drummers just starting their musical journey. Moreover, Jared Falk is an excellent teacher and does an amazing job of passing his knowledge to beginner drummers.

He is also excellent at teaching his students the principles behind playing basic drum patterns. Also, many students report that Jared is easily understandable and that he always managed to help them when they encountered a problem. People behind Drumeo like to call their platform the “world’s largest collection of free drum lesson videos.”

I believe that can be disputed, but we will leave that for some other time. Drummer offers everything from premium-quality lessons and performances to challenges that feature legendary drummers and social media drumming stars.

If you are the type of drummer who seeks personal instructions, Drumeo has you covered with their course called the Drumeo Edge. It costs 240 dollars yearly, and you will be granted hundreds of lessons, weekly bonus lessons, and courses.

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For an indepth analysis of Drumeo, be sure to visit here.

2. Guitartricks


Guitartricks is another awesome website, but this time for learning guitar. They are an award-winning online guitar lessons platform. Also, Guitartricks offers everything from free to paid guitar lessons. Paid lessons are divided into Beginner lessons and Experienced lessons, so there is something for both beginner guitarists and professionals.

In addition, they also offer a song library with more than 1000 songs with step-by-step tutorials and breakdowns of individual sections of each tune. You will surely find your favorite song in their music library, and what better way to start learning to play guitar than on your favorite songs?

However, that is not the only thing Guitartricks has to offer. Also, they offer two courses, Guitar fundamentals 1 and Guitar fundamentals 2, that aim to teach you everything from A to Z.

In this course, you can learn everything from tuning the guitar to playing melodies. The third program they offer is Acoustic Level 1 & 2, which aims to teach you everything about playing acoustic guitar. If you are uncertain of Guitartricks’ quality, and you really shouldn’t, you always have the option to skim through their free guitar lessons library first.

3. Fender


Fender is another popular guitar platform for learning and finding the guitar that suits you the most. We will skip the second part and focus on their learning program mostly. First, let’s see what they have to offer:

  • 3000+ lessons – learn with expert instructors through bite-sized lessons
  • Chord Challenge – track your progress, build speed as you practice, and beat your high score.
  • Backing Tracks – improve your rhythm skills with backing tracks and get the feeling of jamming with a band.
  • Collections – a curated group of lessons with your favorite artists, techniques, and genres.
  • Weekly Giveaways – stay motivated and have a chance to win awesome Fender gear.
  • Community – learn easier by sharing your progress and problems with a community of dedicated guitar enthusiasts.
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Well, that doesn’t sound bad at all. Fender has everything to bring you from a beginner guitarist to an advance one in the shortest time possible.

Here is a simplified version of the whole process of applying for their program:

  1. Select your instrument
  2. Choose your genre
  3. Practice
  4. Explore Collections

4. Violininspiration


Violininspiration is another resourceful website that provides free and paid violin lessons. Julia is the founder of Violininspiration and author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller “The Ultimate Songbook for Beginner Violinists.”

I am sure she has a thing or two to teach you about playing the violin. Her blog contains valuable lessons, tips and tricks to learn and advance your violin skills. She even has a free course that you can download from her homepage.

Julia’s website offers the following:

  • Teaching lessons – become Julia’s student and get a step-by-step plan to learn violin at her Violin Academy.
  • Membership – sign up for her e-mail list, get free video lessons, and practice motivation weekly.
  • Free video lessons: Julia’s website offers more than 200 free violin video lessons.
  • Free sheet music – download free sheet music that is perfect for practicing and improving your violin skills.

The last important thing is that Julia also runs a camp dedicated to violin enthusiasts. It is called Violinvill and is based in the Netherlands. Make sure to check it out, as it is also a great place to learn violin and go on vacation.

5. Pianote


The last platform we are going to talk about today is Painote. Pianote is a platform that specializes in providing lessons for teaching piano. Lisa Witt is the main teacher at Pianote, but in reality, the platform features more than 1o other coach too. They offer two main programs: “pianote” and private lessons.

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Pianote combines the approach they call methods, sounds, and coaches to teach their students everything about playing piano. Essentially, it is a step-by-step curriculum that aims to improve all piano skills. In addition, I believe this program is the best for beginners as it has everything to get you started.

If you are an advanced pianist or are simply looking to tweak and improve just a few things, then their private lessons are an excellent option. Fortunately, if you are not looking to pay for your piano journey, you always have the option to visit their blog and gain some valuable insights and lessons.

They constantly publish new content to their blog, so make sure to sign-up for their mailing list to get notified.