Top 10 Websites for Law Students

Law school is hard. There are so many forms, case studies, briefings and legal terms that you need to master; When were you healthy if you could get a helping hand from the internet?

Fortunately, you can. Remember that the Internet is full of community resources for students in all areas and you can always find law school vloggers & bloggers to follow.

For killer law school bloggers and vloggers – check out this website, and below we will talk about top 10 websites you’ll find useful if you’re a law student, so don’t wait to check them out today.

1. Law Dictionary

Source: is a complete legal site. It covers news, ratings, reports and strategies for everything related to legal practice.

However, students are likely to find the most benefit in a free legal dictionary. A physical copy of a legal word can easily cost over $ 50, so having a full online word available for free is a huge benefit for anyone training in the field.
You can search the dictionary by legal term or by definition, which asks you to search for what you are looking for.

2. Lawyers portal


The Lawyers’ Portal is a publicly available resource for both students and people who have recently graduated from law school.

It offers ideas for law firms, free guides, lists of activities, career tips and even information on how you can study law in another country.

Free tutorials are especially useful for people who are currently attending law school. These include topics such as “Legal Experience Guide”, “Training Contracts” and “How to Enroll in a Law Transformation Course”.
The site is an official partner of the Law Society.

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3. Legal 500


After you graduate from law school, the next task is to find a law firm where you will work.
If legal dramas have taught us anything, it is because law firms are very competitive. Getting into the right company can make or place your career as a lawyer before it starts. To make sure you only apply to the best law firms in the country, check out The Legal 500.

In this regard, the relative strength of a law firm exceeding 150 jurisdictions around the world is considered and appraised accordingly. Criteria include reviews for more than 300,000 customers, materials from the companies themselves and interviews with current employees. The site also has its own team of independent researchers to ensure justice.

4. Westlaw


Thanks to LexisNexis, Westlaw is one of the two leading legal databases in the world. Most universities and law schools have access to both sites. This is just one of the many financial benefits that students can get.

Thomson Reuters, Westlaw’s office is available in 60 countries and includes more than 40,000 individual databases covering everything from case law and administrative codes to legal reviews and treatises.

If you enjoy free access to school, the cost can be prohibitive. The license costs $ 89 per month.

5. Chambers Student


If you are in the UK and are planning to study law or just have a law degree, be sure to visit the Chamber of Students.
The site provides information on three main areas: law firms, a career in law and how to find a suitable law school.
You can filter by company, UK region or area of ​​law to get the information you need

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6. A set of tools for finding a job at Harvard Law School


Graduates of US law schools should familiarize themselves with the tools of finding a job at Harvard Law School. The site is full of resources for law students who are just taking their first steps in the workplace.

It includes a decision guide and a cover letter for a specific law, a database of vacancies, information on the half-life of a work permit before starting work, advice on security and much more.

7. Justia


Justia is another extensive online database of legal cases and legal information. It offers free collections of prior law and opinions, databases of U.S. federal law (such as the Supreme Court, district and county courts), and databases of U.S. state law (including codes and constitutions).

If you are a law student, you will be provided with useful resources related to law school information, access instructions, financial support, course plans, and research.

There is even a tool for finding a lawyer in a particular field. Possible options include lawyers for bankruptcy, business, contract law, employment, property planning and injury.

8. Guide for girls to law school

The Law School Girls’ Guide (which is not limited to female audiences) is a widely read blog for law students in the United States.

It covers the usual list of topics that affect students, such as what law school you should choose how to survive in law school, how to choose a law school, where to find a summer law job and much more. Make sure you also read the list of manuals. These include many helpful job search tips.

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9. Bloomberg’s law


Of course, being a law student is not just about learning new knowledge and overcoming the difficulties of student life. You also need to be aware of current affairs in the legal field. Without context, all this hard-earned knowledge will have very little value.

Bloomberg Law is one of the best law news sites. The site is targeted at the United States, but includes some international comments, especially from the geographical neighbors of America and Europe.
The site also offers several podcasts on legal topics (coverage, taxes, legal news and more), as well as an extensive video section.


So is another job search site. It has an extensive search engine that includes more than 1,000 firms, 200 chambers and 100 course providers. There are also weekly questions and answers full of valuable information and advice, interviews with law firm recruiters, a calendar of application deadlines and an frequently updated blog.

If you decide to use the site, don’t forget to create an account. Inside the portal there is a customizable area that allows you to store information, track applications, save your favorite companies and much more.

Don’t forget about Google Scholar. If you need scientific articles to study law, you should always search in Google Scholar.

The site is not designed specifically for legal entities, so you will need to perform some filtering and use reasonable keywords. However, if you do not have access to databases like Westlaw, this is a decent alternative.