10 Unique Christmas Gift Box Ideas Anyone Would Love

The holidays are around the corner, and this is the best time to gear yourself for all the gifts you have to purchase for your loved ones. Depending upon whom you are shopping for, it can demand a lot of time and attention before buying anything.

The classic gift boxes are the most straightforward options. You can buy from our range of pre-curated boxes or customise as per your wish.

Before we share the 10 unique Christmas gift boxes ideas with you, we want to talk about a few things that you should know.

  • First thing, make sure your gift does not include the same items from last year.
  • Packaging is crucial to make or break the essence of gifting, therefore make it gorgeous.
  • If there is anything your loved ones need, get them that as a present. Trust us; they will be pleased and grateful.
  • Do check out the likes and aesthetics of the recipient before buying a gift box.
  • Make a budget and stick to it.

10 Unique and Lovely Christmas Gift Box Ideas

1. Dreaming of a Pink Christmas

Source: dreamglossary.com

Dreaming of a Pink Christmas is an ultimate pink theme Christmas gift box to win the heart of your sister, friend, mom, or sweetheart. This surprise present will make their day. The lux appearance and hand-picked items inside the box are to die for. Want to become the star of the night for your lady? Then this is it.


  • Rose Gold Tea Infuser/Better Tea Co
  • Just Peachy Hand Cream
  • Pearl Face Mask/Lapcos
  • Hug Me Pink Mug
  • Rose Petal Green Tea/Fine & Dandy
  • Island Coconut Candle/Aromatherapy Co
  • Island Coconut Diffuser/Aromatherapy Co
  • Pink White Chocolate Christmas Tree/House of Chocolate
  • Rosé/Routas
  • Fluffy Keyring & Reusable Bag/Eco Pom Pom
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2. You’re a Mean One Mr Grinch

It is a perfect for your naughty loved ones. The funky theme of this box would surely win the heart of Grinch too. You’re a Mean One Mr Grinch, is our delightful Christmas present filled with delicious flavours and scents.


  • Hawkes Bay Sauvignon Blanc/The Wild Ones
  • Hand-painted Chocolate Christmas Tree/House of Chocolate
  • Pine & Pohutukawa Tree Candle
  • Spiced Rum Fudge/Magnolia Kitchen
  • Single Serve Christmas Pudding/TCO
  • Hokey Pokey Decoration/House of Chocolate

3. Santa Baby

Source: ediblelongisland.com

Santa Baby is one of our favourite Christmas gift boxes. The pleasant colours make it marvellous. On top of that, our new XL navy keepsake box enhances the gifting experience and gives a modern take to the classic Christmas present.


  • Spiced Rum Fudge/Magnolia Kitchen
  • Crack a Beer Crackers/Totara Cottage
  • Balsamic Cheese Crackers/Totara Cottage
  • Caramelised Nuts/House of Chocolate
  • Freeze Dried Chocolate Coated Berries & Cherries/House of Chocolate
  • Sloe Gin/Haymans
  • Italian Freeze Dried Strawberry Nougat
  • Gourmet S’mores/Magnolia Kitchen
  • Christmas Pudding/Taken Care Of
  • Rose Petal Champagne Lollipop/Lollipop Lane
  • Hokey Pokey Chunks/House of Chocolate

4. Home Spa Gift Box

To make a home spa theme, you can add scented candles, body lotions, face masks, bathrobe, tea/coffee, bath salt, extra in the box. Depending upon your budget, you can get extravagant or make it budget-friendly yet beautiful.

Check out some of our pre-curated home spa gift boxes- Self Care Sunday, Relax & Recharge, Cosy Cocktail, Happy at Home, and Flushed.

5. Chocolate Gift Basket

Win the heart by giving chocolate gift boxes to your loved ones. Get all the candies and gourmet chocolates that your loved one likes. To make it more special, you can also include hand-crafted Christmas chocolates and cookies from your local businesses.

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Chocolates are common gifts nowadays but it perfect for any occasion. You just need to personalize it, like making a chocolate basket, chocolate bouquet, or maybe DIY, shaping them into something that reminds you about that someone. Check Midday Squares for best-tasting chocolates.

6. Streaming Service Subscription Package

Source: clicktechtips.com

Thanks to HBO Max, Netflix, Amazon, and other similar streaming services, it has become easy to enjoy the movies amidst the pandemic. You can get a streaming service subscription package for your loved ones and have some quality fun time with the family as everyone is inside. It is a great idea.

Likewise, if your loved one is into gaming, then you can also present Playstation Plus, Xbox Game Pass, or Nintendo Switch Online. There is also an option to get a Spotify subscription or other similar gift cards as per the liking of the recipient.

7. Homemade Food Basket

Nothing is better than a homemade food basket, especially for a food lover. You can get creative and bake cookies, cakes, bread, and chocolates. The other thing you can do is present a gift card from the favourite restaurant of your loved ones or get home delivery. It is one of the best homemade Christmas gift ideas.

8. Skincare Kit for women

Skincare and women are like two sides of a coin. Restock the skincare products of the lady in the house. Get her serum, moisturiser, toner, face masks, sunscreens, etc. Do make sure all the products are from the brand she loves.

9. Personal Grooming Kit for me

Pandemic might have taken a role in the grooming routine of the guy you love or your father and brother. Remind them to take care of themselves by giving them a nice personal grooming kit this Christmas.

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10. Essential Accessories (Scarfs, Socks, Wallet, Belts)

Source: galenleather.com

A box full of essential accessories would make a great Christmas gift box too. You can include fuzzy socks, ear muffs, scarfs, wallet, belt, gloves, scrunchie, cozy blanket, heating pad, etc., in the box. To glamorise it, get jewellery from small businesses and add that too.

We hope the above Christmas gift ideas helped you in some way. Do know that the gift does not have to be luxurious. You can be on a budget and still make the evening astonishing.

Finding the perfect gift is hard enough without having to go through hours of research. That’s why we’ve pre-curated an entire box full of gifts for every occasion, so you can just pick one and buy it!

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