7 Unusual Games Inspired by Mythology in 2024

When we talk about gambling, we mostly believe that gambling has popularized modern civilization and the advent of technology. However, gambling also has its history, which says that even ancient people known for their customs and superstitions were fascinated by gambling. Its presence in most ancient civilizations shows that gambling has been used since ancient times. The history of gambling dates back to ancient Egypt, Greece, and ancient China, which shows the presence of gambling items in each of them. We know several of the games today as blackjack and poker originated in China because they are the cards’ inventors.

Scientific studies of the remnants of Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt contain evidence of gambling. It is believed that these objects were initially used to communicate with the gods. They are Astragals, the prototype of the previous dice. Astragals were made of various materials such as wood, stone, and metal. Egyptians also used these items for various games, such as game Senet, the first known board game originating from Egypt.

The origins of gambling also lead us from the ancient Greeks and Romans, known for their vices and hedonistic life. A game that is a forerunner to all types of even or odd betting plays a pair of impair. In this game, one player hides numerous objects in closed fists, and the other has to guess whether the number of objects was even or not. This type of game can still be found in roulette today, betting on even or odd numbers.

The ancient Greeks had their versions of what we call a casino today. Those places were secret and didn’t have the prestige of today’s casinos. Although gambling was banned in ancient Rome, gambling was allowed once a year during the Saturnalia festival. In addition to civilians, many Roman emperors are believed to have been enthusiastic gamblers, such as Augustus, Nero, and Commodus. Although modern laws of India don’t support gambling, Hindu scripts from ancient times mention dice games.

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It is also believed that ancient people prayed to their gods during gambling.

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Mythology in games

The use of technology and the advent of online games have led to the creation of fantastic games. Themes like ancient Egypt, China, and ancient Greek are some of the most popular, especially among game lovers.

If you are a fan of action games related to mythology, this is a list of games.

1. Nioh

Nioh is a game with a Japanese mythology theme set in 1600`s, where players play a samurai named William. The player goes through missions and fights against human enemies and supernatural creatures called Yokai. As the game’s leading character player, William fits nicely into the game’s style and leaves an impression of mystery. The game also has an online component because it allows you to go through missions with another player.

2. Medusa

This game shows one of the most famous personalities of Greek mythology. Legend has it that Medusa was turned into a monster called a Gorgon by the punishment of Athens. Perseus killed the Medusa by cutting off her head, and a Pegasus was born from her body. This game has no bonuses, but you can get free spins by appearing three or more scatter symbols. Wildcards, as always, can replace any symbol except the scatter symbol.


3. God of War-Norse mythology

Kratos lives as a man out of the gods’ shadow and is forced to adapt to an unknown land and unexpected threats. Together with his son Atreus, he starts a dangerous journey through the Nordic wilderness. Nordic forests, caves, and mythological creatures, monsters, and Gods make this game’s environment very dangerous and the most exciting so far.

4. Okami

Okami is a game through a magical and epic journey that will give you hours of good fun. According to legend, once upon a time, Japan was under the terror of a demon called Orochi. The people were saved by the god Amaterasu, a creature that had in itself the powers of 13 patron gods and could defend and restore the world. Due to unfortunate circumstances, Orochi returns to his terror one hundred years later, and Amaterasu must reunite the gods as he removes the darkness from their world. Okami is a timeless game that provides a mystical adventure and a balm for the eyes and soul as an actual interactive work of art.

5. Titan Quest

Titan Quest is considered one of the best action games with weapons and mythological background. The gods seek the hero who would fight the battle against the Titans who escaped from prison and want to destroy the earth. This game takes you on a breathtaking journey through civilizations such as Greece, Babylon, Egypt, and China, where you will learn and improve your skills and knowledge of magic, swordsmanship, and archery to fight mythical creatures.

6. Lord of the ocean

Source: novomatic.com

The Lord of the ocean is a game designed by a Novomatic and inspired by ancient Greek mythology. This game takes you to the underwater world, where you meet Poseidon, God of the sea, and other underwater creatures. This is a five reels game with ten pay lines. The main symbols in this slot game are Poseidon, Mermaid, treasure chest and underwater statue. If you want to be transported to the times of ancient Gods and Goddesses, then this is the game for you.

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