What to Get Your Friends this 2024

There’s a reason that gift giving is a love language all on its own, but it’s not exactly the easiest way to express your love for someone. The whole point of giving someone a gift is not only to express to them how much they mean to you, but also to show them how well you know them and their personalities.

A great gift can tell your loved one that you listen to everything that they say and actually make the effort to remember the small details that they share with you. It can also tell them that you care about them enough to anticipate their needs and interests, whether these are things that they’ve explicitly told you or something that you thought they’d enjoy.

We all know how amazing it feels to receive a gift from the many birthdays and Christmases that we’ve experienced, but we also know that getting a gift with both meaning and sentiment behind it can really make a lasting impact on someone.

However, not all of us are all that great at giving gifts and deciding what to get those we love. It definitely doesn’t mean that you don’t care enough about them or haven’t been investing your time and energy in the relationship—some people just really have a hard time with it.

It’s definitely nothing to be embarrassed and ashamed about, but it is time to level up your gift giving game this 2024. In case you have an upcoming celebration coming up and have no idea what to get someone, here are a few ideas of how you can get your loved ones to show them how much you truly care about them.

For the Music Lover

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Music really has a way of expressing feelings, thoughts and emotions that we may not be able to express easily with just words. With the many different artists and genres out there to explore and discover, there’s definitely a soundtrack to every moment and mood in your life.

And quite frankly, why would you want to experience anything without a bop playing in the background when you can make anything much more exciting with the right playlist lined up?

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If you know a special someone who firmly believes in this philosophy, then you’re dealing with a certified music lover. They could be as subtle as simply wearing their earphones constantly and blasting their tunes 24/7, or they could even go out of their way to curate a very specific playlist for every mood and preference they could have—maybe even making you a playlist that they believe aligns perfectly with your personality.

Whichever one it is, music is basically a very large portion of their lives, so it makes sense to get them a gift that fits right into this.

A great gift idea for someone who has pledged their hearts to music is to get them some wireless earphones. Not only are they incredibly trendy and in style in today’s highly technological world, but they also provide a wireless experience that lets any user move around freely without being held back by any wire.

The Lenovo ThinkPlus LP40 TWS Wireless Earphones are not only extremely compact, lightweight, and affordable—making them the ideal wireless earphones to carry around for everyday life—but they also boast incredible sound quality and the latest bluetooth technology to ensure that nothing stands in the way of a music lover and their playlists.

For the Workaholic

While all of us do have to work to earn a living, a lot of people don’t actually enjoy doing it and simply see it as a means to an end. However, there are those few and incredibly rare people who absolutely love working in their jobs and find a passion in waking up every morning because of it. It might seem incredibly strange for the rest of us, but these people actually do exist!

If you do find yourself having a workaholic in your life, you know how common it is for them to arrive late to any planned hang outs because they got caught up in a task and lost track of time. They could also cancel plans all together at the last minute in order to work on an urgent task that absolutely could not have waited a minute longer.

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As frustrating as it might be sometimes, we still love them. A heartfelt gift could tell a workaholic that you not only support them no matter how many plans have fallen through because of their work, but that you’re also inspired by their unrelenting drive to further their careers. The right gift can tell them that you’re incredibly proud of them and all their achievements and that you’ll always be there for them.

A desk lamp might seem like much too simple of a gift to give your workaholic friend, but it might actually be what they need. With the pandemic irrevocably altering the way we work and introducing the hybrid and work from home work setups, many of us find ourselves working from the comfort of our homes much more these days.

And while it’s important to set aside a dedicated work place in your home to increase your focus and productivity, it’s also important to make this as comfortable as possible.

This friend of yours is undoubtedly working way past their work hours and are probably feeling the toll of it, especially in their eyes. The constant strain that your eyes are put through in a work day is very taxing, especially when working in a darker room with only the screen of your laptop as the only light, but a desk lamp can help alleviate some of this stress.

There are many desk lamps out there that are not only minimalist, but also come with advanced light features to help your eyes achieve maximum comfort. The Baseus LED Desk Lamp not only comes with 3 different brightness settings to help your eyes adjust more easily, but it’s also magnetic and can be attached to any surface, whether metallic or not, for a more flexible placement.

For the Health Buff

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Whether or not you enjoy the occasional workout in the morning or find the mere idea of it disgusting and beyond unpleasant, you might have a friend in your life who absolutely loves exercising and does it almost every day. Whether they enjoy visiting a local studio for a quick but intense yoga or pilates workout, wake up every morning for an early run with the sunrise or just enjoy a quick and easy workout at home, then you’ve definitely got a health buff friend.

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It doesn’t matter how revolting you find the idea of anything fitness related because you don’t actually have to work out to get your friend something exercise related. And with how inextricably intertwined both fitness and lifestyle are these days, it’s best to get them something that they can also use outside of the gym.

A smart watch is the perfect gift to get your friend who’s into fitness not only because it’ll blend incredibly well with their workouts by helping them track their progress and calories burned, but it also touches on other aspects of their lives beyond their exercise routines.

Aside from tracking time spent exercising or the number of calories they’ve burned, the Orbotech Smart Watch also helps users track the number of hours they’ve spent sleeping, as well as the quality of their rest, to make sure that they’re getting the most out of their recovery.

This smart watch can also allow users to track the number of steps that they take in the day as an additional measure of their fitness levels, while also being waterproof. It also perfectly syncs with any Android or iOS phones and actually acts as an extension by receiving calls and message notifications.

Whatever your friends might be interested in, there’s a perfect gift idea just waiting to be discovered by you, and you can find them all on Temu! With a wide selection of products from 29 categories and 250 subcategories, Temu also makes gift giving insanely affordable with the lowest prices you’ll ever find.