What Is WD-40 Spray Used For?

WD-40 spray is probably one of the few items that are equally represented in almost all industries due to its diverse functions. Funnily enough, the spray was formulated by the rocket chemical technician Norm Larsen in 1953.

WD-40 Spray removes gunk and grease from fenders, windows, and car interiors. It is also used to remove bugs from cars, keep rubber car door seals soft, and protect chrome on cars. However, this spray is also used to remove adhesive residue from drumheads, cymbals, and drum coverings.

WD-40 can be used in numerous ways and is proven to be one of the best for its use. Keep reading below to see where it is used most often and how it is excellent for some drumming equipment.

Key Takeaways

  • WD-40 spray can be used on diverse occasions, including cleaning cars, homes, toilets, shoes, bikes, etc.
  • It is a lubricant that prevents rust and acts as a penetrant and moisture displacer.
  • This spray can be used to clean cymbals without damaging them.

Cleaning Cymbals

Source: drumthat.com

The widespread belief is that using a WD-40 to clean your cymbals will damage them.

However, this is just a myth since every up-to-date drummer uses this spray to clean and protect their cymbals.

Many drummers came publicly, particularly on drumming forums or blogs, claiming that WD-40 is an excellent choice to clean rust and grime from the cymbals. After spraying your cymbals, you need to wait between 3-5 minutes and then wipe your cymbal with a soft tissue.

After wiping it out, your cymbal will have a much brighter shine. The only thing you need to take care of when cleaning your cymbals with WD-40 spray are inked logos which may be damaged, so avoid cleaning them with this spray. For more info on this topic, be sure to visit https://drumthat.com/how-to-clean-cymbals.

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WD-40 spray for car

Source: jalopytalk.com

WD-40 has been used to clean cars for decades, and its uses continue to expand. Here is some spray uses when it comes to different parts of the car:

Keep Dead Bugs Off

WD-40 spray is an effective tool to keep bugs out of your car. It can easily prevent bugs from hitting your vehicle. In addition, it is an excellent option for removing already stuck-on bugs, tree sap, bird droppings, and grime. Wd-40 will not damage your paint. However, you must remember to rinse it with soap and water afterward.

License plate: cleaning and restoring

WD-40 spray is one of the best tools for restoring and cleaning your license plate. It comes in handy when cleaning old and rusty license plates. All you need to do is to spray on it and way for not less than 30 seconds. After the time has passed, wipe it off with a rag. In addition, rinse with viola and soap, and you have just restored your license plate.

Cleaning off paint rub

This spray is also an excellent choice for cleaning off paint rub. However, it is only advisable to clean the small areas since that is the most effective way. After you finish, wash the area with soap and water.

Remove grease, grime, and dirt

WD-50 is one of the best choices for cleaning your car’s excessive dirt, grime, and grease.

Clean Oil

WD-40 is excellent for cleaning oil from your hands, pipes, and old oil cans. After successfully cleaning desired areas, rinse off the same area with soap and water.

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WD-40 spray for shoes

Source: jalopytalk.com

WD-40 is also very effective when it comes to shoe cleaning. It will allow you to get rid of all the dust and stains. Here is the 6-step guide on how to clean your shoes with WD-40:

  1. Get rid of all visible dust – get an old toothbrush and remove all the visible dust from your shoes.
  2. Prepare a mixture of soap and water – prepare the mixture, get a soft cloth, and dip it in.
  3. Clean the shoes with a cloth – now is the time to start cleaning every part of your shoe with a soft cloth.
  4. Clean the shoelaces – dip them into the soup and water mixture, get them out, and then clean them with a toothbrush.
  5. Spray WD-40 on your shoes – After cleaning with soap and water, it is time to spray your shoes. After spraying it on every part of your shoe, let it rest for a few minutes.
  6. Wipe your shoes clean – after a couple of minutes since you sprayed WD-40 on your shoes, wipe the shoes using a clean piece of cloth.

WD-40 spray for toilets

Source: ekako.info

WD-40 can come in handy to clean a toilet if you are missing the more traditional cleaning equipment. Here is the 3-step process on how to clean your toilet using a WD-40 spray:

  1. Spray it in your toilet bowl – Before you do that, ensure the area is well ventilated to avoid any potential catastrophes. It would be best if you left the door or window open in any case. In addition, spray a small amount of liquid into the bowl(“1-second spray”).
  2. Wait – Now, you must wait for 15 minutes. It all depends on the stubbornness of the stains so that you can wait even longer.
  3. Scrub a Dub – Grab your toilet brush and clean all the stains you can see. After it is done, flush the toilet.
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WD-40 spray for bike

You can use it to clean your bike. Here is the 5-step process on how to clean your bike with WD-40:

  1. Apply the WD-40 on the surface of your bike(before that, remove the gas tank)
  2. Take a waterless hand cleaner or even a soap and water to wipe down the surfaces not coated by the WD-40
  3. Polish the surfaces that were coated with rubbing alcohol
  4. Apply protective wax on surfaces where WD-40 was applied
  5. Wait for 10 minutes for everything to settle down


WD-40 can be used in different ways, mainly to clean cars, homes, toilets, shoes, bikes, etc. In addition, it is essential for drummers since it is excellent for cleaning cymbals. Uses for WD-40 are constantly expanding and if you know some other way how to use this spray, write it in the comment section below.