USA Road Trip: 5 Amazing Drives to Enjoy While You’re Young

When you are a young and ambitious traveler, you probably don’t want to visit boring museums and explore thousand-year-old architecture. Instead, you love adventure and exciting emotions. So, you get it all if you rent a car and go on a road trip! Rental cars for under 25 drivers make it possible for even young travelers to hit the road.

Yes, a road trip is a great way to spend time uniquely. Driving a car and enjoying the picturesque views from the window will give you unforgettable feelings. All you need for this is a few free days and a rental car at hand. However, where to go?

Everyone who drives a car has a favorite road. For some, it’s a coastal highway with great views and cool sea breezes, while others prefer a winding forest trail immersed in greenery. Fortunately, the scenic roads in the USA will impress everyone, regardless of their tastes.

If planning a road trip in the US, here are a few routes you should definitely take while you’re young and you can also visit Rental24h and enjoy your trip!

1. Blue Ridge Parkway


The road in the Blue Ridge Mountains winds along the Appalachian mountain range and connects two national parks – the Shenandoah and the Great Smoky Mountains. The scenic highway project appeared under President Roosevelt, and the first stone was laid on September 11, 1935. In 1936, the highway was officially named the Blue Ridge Parkway.

The construction of the 469-mile highway took more than 52 years and was of great historical and economic importance for America. The final touch was the building of the beautiful Linn Cove Viaduct, which complemented the composition of countless tunnels and bridges running over the canyons and rivers of the two states.

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The guarded parkway has become the most visited attraction in Virginia and the Carolinas. In addition, this is a really important road artery, which at the same time offers beautiful views from specially equipped observation decks, and excellent camping opportunities.

In winter, some roads are inaccessible due to bad weather, low clouds, fog, and freezing temperatures. The proximity of groundwater leads to a thick layer of ice at the top points, which is extremely dangerous for drivers and makes road maintenance difficult for special services.

The highway is free throughout its length. Despite the speed limit of 45 mph, this road is an absolute example of an iconic American culture.

2. Pacific Coast Highway


This highway is a must-visit spot as it runs along the beautiful west coast, rich in views and sights. The 1,650-mile road appeared in 1913 and connected Los Angeles and San Francisco. The two-lane, winding highway features unhurried traffic that doesn’t tire travelers. With multiple alternative roads, drivers still choose the Pacific Highway for its beauty and unpredictability.

While moving along the Pacific Coast Highway, travelers will be able to see Hollywood, where dreams come true, and the many kilometers of Malibu beaches. Near the town of San Simeon, you can admire the games of several thousand elephant seals that inhabited the huge beaches and bays.

At the same time, Morro Bay offers a real 177-meter-high extinct volcano and a port built from 23-million-years-old stones. Hearst Castle on Enchanted Hill will also impress you along the way. In addition, you will pass through the legendary Golden Gate Bridge.

The delicate architecture of Santa Barbara, vineyards and wineries, the lilac sands of Pfeiffer Beach, and coastal Monterrey with the freshest seafood and whale watching excursions – all these places will make a trip along the highway unforgettable. Even when the road goes away from the ocean, you will still enjoy the long alleys of lush trees.

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3. Going-to-the-Sun Road


Construction of the 50-mile road through Glacier National Park ended in 1932. This made it an even more popular attraction than the reserve itself. Yes, Glacier National Park is the real crown of the continent. It keeps intact the ecosystem of the pre-Columbian era, and allows the free existence of grizzly bears.

At the foot of the park is the continental divide, where the rivers flow into either the Pacific or the Atlantic Ocean. An asphalt road crosses it completely, winding between mountains, balancing on sheer cliffs, diving into tunnels, and climbing overpasses. However, it only becomes more attractive for road travelers due to such difficulties.

The highest point accessible for transport is the Logan Pass, located at an altitude of 2,025 meters above sea level. You can enjoy impressive mountain views from observation platforms or specially equipped picnic areas. Also, the park offers several campsites to stay.

4. Texas Hill County


Rolling hills, small dusty towns, and abandoned farms: Texas doesn’t seem to be the most beautiful state. Still, it has a road that will surprise even the most sophisticated traveler. It runs along the picturesque Texas vineyards, and reveals the main attractions of this region.

While traveling between wineries, you will enjoy stunning carpets of wildflowers. Texans are very fond of their landscapes and on the eve of spring they literally attack nearby roads. Lupins, tradescantia, ragweed, and phlox create natural beauty. That’s why drivers stop on the side of the road for great photos.

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The Texas Hill County is not only a road but a thing that reveals the history of the whole state and its inhabitants. It branches off to farm ranches, small breweries, and karst caves. All this makes the Texas Hill County a piece of old America, with colorful and atmospheric architecture, unusual American-Spanish cuisine, and incredibly beautiful views that make you come back there again and again.

5. Great River Road


Running along the famous Mississippi River, this legendary highway reveals the life and history of the most vibrant and colorful southern American states. The Great River Road combines several different highways and provides you with 2,069 scenic miles covering 10 states.

When driving along Great River Road, you will enjoy many things to do, such as:

  • take a walk in Itasca State Park in Minnesota with hundreds of lakes and pristine forests;
  • explore the Apple Valley of Minneapolis and visit one of the best water parks in the country;
  • climb the 192-meters-high Gateway Arch in St. Louis;
  • plunge into the world of Elvis Presley in Graceland;
  • experience the incredible fun of New Orleans.

The Great River Road looks like a huge theme park, where everyone will find something to see and where to go.

In summary, the US has nearly 200,000 miles of high-end highways that are completely different in terms of experience. At the same time, car rental services for under 25 drivers allows even young travelers to get behind the steering wheel. So why not rent a car and enjoy at least some amazing road trips in the USA?