Use Of Fabrics In Interior – 2024 Guide

When we need to refresh our home a bit, most people think about changing the fabric like covers, bedsheets, or curtains. Fabric is indeed a core element of any interior design and knowing what to pay attention to when choosing a new upholstery or drapes can give truly astonishing results!

Should you need help on these upholstery material, it is wise to get help from a professional upholstery service such as Desace. Below, we will provide you with the list of the widespread materials, their major traits, and the area of use in interior decoration.

Things to Consider When Buying Fabrics

It may seem to be easy to purchase some new fabric for our household, but the truth is that this must be done with all responsibility.

As you probably know, certain fabrics don’t pair well with each other, for instance, expensive ones like silk, velvet, or leather will not look nice if combined with plain-looking synthetic materials.

To avoid making your home look cheap and inelegant, keep in mind several suggestions:

  • Consider what you’re buying fabric for. If it is meant for some functional purposes, then it will be reasonable not to buy any expensive materials. Simply speaking, don’t buy silk for the chair covers since it will get ruined too soon.
  • Take into account what area the fabric is bought for. For the household, better opt for lighter, brighter shades whilst the office will need dark and subtle hues.
  • Take the general design into account. If your room looks classy, bright-colored curtains with patterns will look unsuitable in it.
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Best Fabrics For Our Home

Fabric can do miracles if chosen correctly. Upholstery, blinds, and sheets give more color to our homes and create a specific mood, coziness, and homey feeling. When matching the colors and textures correctly, we can achieve a unique combination that will make our living space personalized.

However, when choosing fabrics for our interiors, it is essential to keep in mind that each of them has certain specific features:

  • Rayon is used very widely as a substitute for silk, and it belongs to the popular materials for upholstery and various covers. Nevertheless, this sort of fiber tends to shrink and wrinkle easily (via Olivia Paxton – the cleaning Expert) so consider using it in places where the material will not be stressed.


  • Silk is mostly used for home interiors rather than any public areas like offices, etc. Due to its rich appearance, this fabric is widely used in upholstery and cushion covers, sheets, and pillowcases.

Having a shiny and soft surface, silk is delicate and rather prone to stains which makes it unsuitable for being used all over the house.


  • Cotton, on the other hand, is way more durable, besides, it is lightweight and cheap. All these features made this natural fiber very popular and desired in an interior design.

However, despite the fact that cotton can be used for almost any purpose at home, this fabric is also prone to staining, so opt for cotton blends if you want to add this material to your interior.


  • Nylon is another sort of fabric that can be often noticed in many households. It is artificial which makes this material durable and resistant to various external influences. Besides, nylon can easily stand fading and wear and tear which makes it a versatile cloth.


  • One more material that we mostly use in blinds and bedsheets is polyester. It is strong and wrinkles-free thus being able to be used for many purposes.


  • Unlike all the materials provided above, leather is not that common. It is mostly used for furniture covers and can be met in offices or in the formal home interiors like libraries or study. However, this expensive and rich-looking material will give an exquisite look to any home.
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Leather is quite a demanding stuff that requires attention and proper care, this is why most people prefer using cheaper artificial leather.


With this brief guide, everyone will be able to pick up the most fitting material for their homes since different fabrics look and feel differently. We would recommend relying on your taste and preferences, of course, but also, remember to take into account the overall style of the interior you are going to refresh or renovate.

Not all fabrics can be combined with each other successfully, so to avoid weird combinations, better check in advance how well they will match each other and the room in general.