Does Luxury Natural Stone Increase the Value of Your Home?

Homeowners are always seeking ways to make their spaces more comfortable and increase property value. There are many ways to appease potential buyers. Regardless of how old your house is, restoration projects using natural stone finishes are a secure way of adding the property value, besides giving it a new lease life.

Property investors are always after the best returns, hence on the lookout for ways to increase their properties’ appraisal value every year. Home appraisal refers to an estimation of the home reselling value based on many factors. Property location and property size are pre-determined factors that you cannot do anything to change. However, homeowners can use curb or exterior appeal, interior and exterior features, additional facilities and updates, and durable construction materials to increase property value.

Read on to see ways you can increase your property’s reselling value and maximize the profit.

Curb Appeal of the Property


Since the potential customers will interact with the exterior of your home first, it is crucial to pay attention to the curb appeal. This is how your property looks from the road or the street. Buyers will have a moment to look at the property from the front side.

Pay attention to your driveway, walking path, front door porch, garage front, walls, and siding at the front exterior. Some landscaping around the entrance will go a long way into improving your home resell value. Here are practical ways to enhance the curb appeal of your property.

  •  Siding with natural stones
  •  Clad the wall with stone veneer
  •  Use stones in headers, water table, and sills
  •  Natural stone in porch stage, sidewalks, pergolas, and for decorative construction elements.
  •  Use stones in trims and pillars
  •  Consider limestone for swimming pools and water fountains
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For getting any type of outdoor fountains & indoor fountains Soothing Company is the best because their customer satisfaction level is very high. Not only the fountains but also they provide some other home improvement instruments as well.

Longevity or Durable Construction Material


Houses are constructed from different structural materials like concrete stone cubes, bricks and mortar combination, wood, or cement-concrete bricks. If you are building from scratch, consider using natural stones. The products are timeless and the most durable construction material.

The natural stone has set high standards for durable, usable, and most natural appeals. Building materials from natural stone do not crack easily or break with daily activities. You, however, need proper care and management for durability.

If you are renovating your home, you may want to consider using stones like etrusco for unique spaces. Granite and marble countertops have, over the years, transformed spaces giving them a luxurious feel and increasing property value due to their durable nature.

Property Maintenance Needs or Wear and Tear Effects


Nothing is permanent, even property gets wear and tear over time due to factors like summer heat, dust, snow in winter, growth of natural flora, organic debris, and rain water. In some areas, mid earthquakes and storms affect properties.

A scientific survey revealed natural stone has the best withstanding capabilities of various factors. Well done finishes on natural stone are easy to sweep with mechanical dusters, making them easy to maintain. You can also use a cloth or mop with plain water to effectively clean most dirt and stains off natural stone surfaces. Powder detergents are effective in cleaning countertops and textures made from natural stone.

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Since cleaning is a significant practice in maintaining natural stone, it is easy to clean character helps make your house last longer and in the best condition to attract potential buyers.

Generally, stones resist heat better compared to most building materials. Soapstone and marble have excellent thermal conductivity and absorb large amounts of heat quickly. In building, natural stone works best for exterior paving as it withstands high traffic and remains cool enough to walk on, even bare feet.

With proper slopes, water drains quickly off the stone surfaces, hence less dampening effect than other materials. Natural flora growth also affects stone surfaces less and almost ineffective to bricks or cement-concrete material.
Interestingly, in some cases, natural stone looks more beautiful with time. As a result, the use of the material increases the beauty and property value with time.

Augment Interior Finishes

Besides offering natural beauty, pattern options, style, and a pleasing ambiance, interior flooring plays a significant role in appraisal credits for property value. Granites, travertine, marbles, and limestone are among the most popular stone types for internal paving and countertops.

Stone veneer has over the years been used to make wall cladding interiors that are modern in feel and look.

Essentials and Additional Facilities Using Natural Stones


Unlike years ago, potential homeowners pay special attention to areas like kitchens, bathrooms, and toilets when buying existing properties. Renovating your old house with natural stone products increases the value of your property significantly.

You can use marbles, granites, and travertine products for great finishes in your bathroom or grade stones with matching colors. Also, you will get a variety of non-slip stone surfaces perfect for your bathroom and toilet.

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In the kitchen floors, washbasin tops, countertops, and cabinet tops, the appropriate stone will improve usability and appearance. Clad your interior chimneys and fireplaces with stone veneers or cubes for a classic ambiance. Check Watson’s for more information.

Door frames and windows also look decent both internally and externally, increasing the appeal of the home.


If your house has additional luxurious features like a swimming pool, water fountain, garage, yard, or fire feature, using natural stone will set you up for top buyers. Saturnia Travertini is a world-leading natural stone supplier set to meet the demand of the market’s discerning eye. The first rule when sourcing for natural stone is to engage trusted dealers. With many counterfeits in the market today, you need an expert to guide you on the best products. This way, you will enjoy your space and increase the value of your home.

Another most crucial step is to engage the right person for the job as workmanship is important in property value. It is not enough to buy the best material, investing in skilled labor is equally critical.