7 Best Virtual Girlfriend Apps in 2024

Yes, you read that right, in front of you is a list of the best applications for a virtual girl, because technology has advanced so much that anything is possible today. Only ten years ago, that was impossible, and now for Android and iOS, you have a bunch of these applications that differ in many ways and leave you the right to choose.

These apps are super because they provide a variety of additional options that are much better than regular chats that you can use with your girlfriend, and if you don’t have a girlfriend, this app will bring you extra social benefits. With the virtual girl application, you can flirt, chat, date, and talk on all possible topics.

Please read below more about the application itself, its features, and decide on the best on the market.
The first and most exciting thing you need to know is that this is an application to interact with a girl’s virtual entity. You are not communicating with a real girl but with a virtual object created using code. The code is well-conceived and loaded with some auto-responses. When you talk to the app, you will have the impression that you are screwing with a real girl. Anyone who wants love, understanding, and wants to escape from loneliness can turn to these applications when they want to talk to someone on various topics.

You can chat with a virtual girl all day, at a time that suits you, on various topics, about life, love, your achievements, loneliness, all your worries. You can also virtually go on a date, cuddle, hug, and feel accepted. All smartphones support these apps and Android or iOS operating systems. Some of the apps are free and easy to get, while others may require you to make in-app purchases for extra features. Read below, which are the 7 best apps on the market currently available.

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1. Virtual Anime Girl

img source: mzstatic.com

This application is a real treat for all fans of anime, done by 3D graphics design, with trendy outfits and unbelievable dance moves. In addition to getting a virtual girl, you also get an app that allows you to learn to dance because it has many dance steps that you can master. Virtual Anime Girl is available for Android and iOS as a premium mobile app, and our recommendation is to get the paid version.

2. Me Girl Love Story

img source: appsrankings.com

This app is, at the same time, a dating app plus a 3D fashion gaming thing. The famous Frenzo has developed this new application for both operating systems and their devices, Android OS, and iOS. Interestingly and strange at the same time with this application is that you can correspond with several girls, date with several of them, and cheat on them, and the use will not sanction you. So, if you want to have an app for flirting, dating, and chatting with multiple partners simultaneously, this app is just right for you.

3. My Virtual Girlfriend

img source: wordpress.com

It is a simulation software for dating and WET productions Inc. You can use My Virtual Girlfriend on both platforms, iOS, and Android platforms. The point of the application is the whole process of dating, that is, you can go on a date and get closer to your partner to the final goal when the girl should feel loving towards you. On the app, you have over a hundred girls from which you can choose one for yourself and over 35 levels of the game where you can even have fun with a zombie or vampire girl.

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4. Choices: Stories you play

img source: apkmody.io

Pixelberry Studios made this application, and it is gaming software adapted for both platforms, Android and iOS users. What is a great benefit is that this app is free, and you can choose the story game you like the most? In addition to standard stories, you can also select a horror or romance story, and you can personalize your virtual girlfriend to your liking.

5. My Virtual Girlfriend, Julie

img source: apk.tools

If you want to make new acquaintances and friends, this application, which is available for both iOS and Android platforms, is just for you. Paphus Solutions Inc. made it, and it is ideal for chatting and making new friendships with virtual partners via mobile phones. My Virtual Girlfriend Julie is so well developed that you can talk to real voice and hyper-realistic 3D video animated characters. What attracts attention to this application is that it can display human emotions of love, tenderness, care, anger, and much more. Try this app and see how Julie is the right virtual girl for you.

6. Laura

img source: shinyshiny.tv

If you are looking for a virtual girl who talks to you and acts as a personal assistant, this is the right application. Laura is advanced software that you can run on both Android and iOS platforms, and in many ways, resembles Google or iOS voice assistant. In addition to chatting and dating, Laura can be of great help to you in your daily affairs; and she can give you answers to many of your questions, such as weather information. Laura can also translate entire sentences from English to another language, such as French or Russian.

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7. ChatBot: Virtual Girl Simulator

img source: microsoft.com

The chatbot is undoubtedly among the best applications of this type because it works on the principle of a robot that tells stories and can also learn many things like jokes or exciting stories. The app works for both platforms, both iOS and Android OS. You can personalize each character in this application and even make jokes with your friends.

Have you used any of these apps so far, and share your experiences with us? Would you single out anything as the best? If you have not to work with this type of software on your smartphones before, now is the right time. What do you think about the unusual fact that you have a virtual girlfriend? Can you imagine yourself in that position, or is this not just your cup of tea?

Virtual girlfriend apps are great to help you simulate a first dating experience. Once you are ready you can go head and date real girls. Read this dating for dummies guide to help you find a real girlfriend.