Virtual Numbers for SMS: Benefits of Use in 2024

Every person on the Internet has faced this problem more than once, when web resources require a mobile phone number for registration. More often than not, distributing one’s own number on the net is particularly inconvenient for the owner: unknown companies start calling with different offers of services, text messages arrives at the most inconvenient time of the day, etc. It would be very convenient when registering on a new site to give a number that is not actually yours.

But not everyone has the opportunity to immediately go to the nearest mobile operator’s office and buy a new SIM-card. It is for such cases there are special web-services, which provide their customers with disposable numbers for SMS.

What is a virtual phone number for SMS?


A virtual number for SMS is a number that is not linked to a specific SIM card and device, but it works in the same way as a standard mobile phone number. The only difference is that it can only receive text messages.

Virtual number rental is very convenient and useful for those who do not want or cannot use their real mobile phone. A virtual number allows you to remain incognito and that is its main advantage.

How and why do you use a virtual number?

Virtual numbers are leased primarily by those who need to do certain things online (e.g. register on a website), but want to remain anonymous. Virtual numbers guarantee information security, which is very important and in demand in today’s world.

Everyone uses dozens of Internet services and websites every day. Almost all of them require registration, but not all of them can guarantee safety of your personal data. Hackers and fraudsters often take advantage of this. Identity theft and account hacking are not only unpleasant but also dangerous. So if you’re unsure about the security of a particular resource, using a virtual number for texting is a perfectly justifiable and logical action.

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Virtual number for SMS will help to register in any:

  • To register on any social network and messenger (such as Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram and others).
  • To activate a profile on online shops and message boards (Such as Amazon or eBay).
  • Mass creation of accounts in gaming and streaming services (e.g. Steam, Twitch or Discord).
  • Verifying accounts in payment systems of any country (PayPal, Revolut, Papara and others).
  • To bypass phone verification in websites offering services etc.

Who usually uses virtual numbers?


Literally everyone can rent a number. Of the entire audience that uses this service, we can identify several groups for whom this service is most in demand:

  1. People, who want to register on the website, create another account in social network, messengers, e-mail services and others without using their personal data.
  2. Bloggers and SMM specialists. It is more convenient and easier for them to create accounts with virtual numbers which they use to promote their personal profiles or to boost their activity.
  3. For lovers of freebies. Paid music, gaming and film sites often offer a trial monthly subscription. Using different virtual mobile numbers, subscriptions can be renewed indefinitely.
  4. Internet users who want to increase their chances of winning a raffle, get another bonus, or register on the advertising marketplaces and message boards such as Amazon, Ebay and others.
  5. Advertising companies and freelancers who are involved in mass marketing on the internet.

Why is it convenient to use virtual numbers for SMS?

There are a number of reasons why it has become so popular:

  1. Easy to connect. You don’t need special skills or expensive equipment to get a virtual number, all you need is a stable internet connection.
  2. An opportunity to choose a number in any country. These numbers are not tied to a specific location or device, so you can get a mobile number from any country you want.
  3. Complete confidentiality. You do not need to give any personal information about yourself to get a virtual number. It is simply not possible to trace the owner of the virtual number.
  4. Possibility to create many accounts quickly. To register with most modern applications you will need to provide a mobile phone number to verify your identity, and usually you can only register one account per number. But with a virtual number you can bypass this restriction and register as many accounts as you like.
  5. Low cost of use. You don’t need to pay tens or hundreds of dollars to get a virtual number, it often costs a few cents. This can save you a lot of money when you buy a new SIM-card.
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How to create a virtual phone number using the SMS verification service


This is one of our most popular virtual number rental services. The online service offers virtual numbers from over 200 countries for account activation across multiple platforms.

SMS verification service offers virtual number connection on favorable terms:

  1. Stable 24-hour service and technical support.
  2. Affordable rental cost, one of the lowest prices.
  3. Discounts for bulk purchase.
  4.  Wide range of countries and services.
  5.  Quick and easy registration.

Connect a virtual number to register on and enjoy the benefits of modern means of communication.

As promised, below is a step by step guide to obtaining your mobile number:

Step 1. Register online at  or login to your account if you are already a member. All you need to register is your email address.

Step 2. Top up your balance with the cost of buying or renting a virtual number. These numbers may vary in price due to country of mobile operator or lease term.

Step 3. Select the most suitable mobile operator country and online service that requests your number. When you have made your selection – press the ‘Buy’ button.

Step 4. Done! Your virtual mobile number will automatically be added to your personal account. You can now start using it to register and receive text messages.

In this way you can make an unlimited number of virtual numbers every day. You can also rent a virtual number for a long period of time, as well as create one-off mobile numbers on the website.

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