Wedding Anniversary Speech from Husband to Wife

I stand before you to deliver a speech on a relationship that marks […  ] years of our companionship and love. Weddings, as we all have seen throughout our lives, are not just focused on two people becoming united but about two families becoming one big family.

Wedding Anniversary Speech

Wedding Anniversary Speech

This holds true from the first day to the first anniversary and all others afterward. Families are of great importance and the central part of our lives even if they are absent on our  …  wedding anniversary, the most special day, unless they are planning a grand party for us (chuckle).

My wife and I have successfully, in all ups and downs and in tests and tribulations of life, spent  …  hours together and this calls for a giant celebration. The  …  wedding anniversary is to be celebrated with a delightful dinner and decadent desserts and fancy drinks until the wee hours. The fact that I have spent  … years of my life with my wife is an indication of the promise that I am willing to spend the rest of my life with her. I must treat myself and my wife, take her on a trip, do something special that we have never done before, perhaps eat at a restaurant usually beyond our usual style.

Anniversary Speech

Anniversary Speech

I want my  …  wedding anniversary to be the “one of the most special days of our lives. I bought a gift of love for my beloved wife and tried every possible thing to make our  …  wedding anniversary anything, but boring. At this significant stage of our married life, value of a gift does not matter but what matters is the thought put in that gift. Something as small as chocolates or as expensive as a piece of jewelry would convey the same amount of love I have for my dearest wife. After all we are a team and we work together for the happiness and financial security.

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We must take a day off from our kids, family issues, household chores, office meetings, and other of our usual day to day priorities. We must make our wedding anniversary just about us and let not distractions lessen the charm of our day. We must together revive the good old days the two of us spent in the past and remind each other how valuable we both are to each other. It is the day to live in reality the endless romantic stories of Mills and Boons that my dear wife reminds me of in the early years.

In the wise words of George Bernard Shaw:
“Marriage is an alliance entered into by a man who can’t sleep with the window shut, and a woman who can’t sleep with the window open.”

We navigated around our disagreements  (chuckle).

Today is the day to begin making our wedding life interesting enough to be looked at when we celebrate our … the wedding anniversary. It does not necessarily have to be grand, but it has to be unique and filled with sweet memories. We are the duo that respects each other before anything else. A decade of marriage becomes bearable and more enjoyable when there is love, trust, understanding, and respect in it and ours is one such marriage.

From the depths of my heart, I wish you, my dear wife, a very happy  …  wedding anniversary!

Thank you and Best Wishes!