My Girlfriend Feels Looser Than Usual, Is She Cheating?

If your girlfriend feels free or more independent sometimes, it does not necessarily mean that she is cheating. Modern women are bolder and more independent than the ancient women were, meaning that they might seem salacious to men who are not used to such attitudes. Additionally, they may be undergoing some changes in their lives that make them feel liberated. For example, as they age, they will become more assertive, quick to speak their mind, ready to express their views, and more direct. This implies that looseness is not among the top signs of a cheating girlfriend.

However, you can’t rule out cheating. When a girlfriend cheats, she will exhibit some changes in her behavior. So, if you ask yourself, “My girlfriend feels loose, is she cheating?”, there may be different answers. Find out possible reasons for the changed behavior below.

Reasons for Changes in Your Girlfriend’s Behavior


If you notice changes in your girlfriend’s behavior and have thoughts like “I think she is cheating on me”, don’t jump to conclusions that she is cheating on you. This is because there are many causes of changes in women’s behavior, with cheating being one of them. The following are some of the reasons for the changes in your girlfriend’s behavior:

1. She Might Have Grown Up

Women’s behavior may change as they age. For example, as they approach menopause, they may be more hesitant to engage in sexual activity with you.

2. She May Have Been Influenced by an Event or Person

Some major life events, such as the death of a parent or sibling, may cause behavioral changes in your girlfriend. If you notice changes in your girlfriend’s behavior, you may also need to consider if she is struggling with the aftermath of major events, including death and sexual assault. Friends may also influence changes in your girlfriend’s behavior.

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3. She May Have Fallen Out of Love with You

Behavior changes may also indicate that your girlfriend has fallen out of love with you and never feels the same way about you. If you think this could be the reason, a candid talk could help you find a working solution.

4. She’s Cheating on You, But She’s Trying to Hide It

She might be secretive with her phone, less reachable, have a new hobby that she previously disliked, or become more closed off than ever. However, she might also become too romantic to prevent you from suspecting anything.

If Your Girlfriend Is Doing This in Bed, She’s More Likely to Cheat


Do you have a gut feeling cheating girlfriend is seeing someone? Look for the following top signs of cheating girlfriend:

1. Faking Orgasms

If your girlfriend is faking orgasms, she is most likely faking other elements of your relationship as well, including faithfulness. Women who act like they’re climaxing are more likely to have sex with other partners. This is as per a research published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, which is the official journal of the International Academy of Sex Research.

It’s hardly unexpected that women seeking sexual fulfillment go elsewhere — but the study found that the intensity, as well as the frequency of orgasms, had nothing to do with whether females would cheat.

2. Less Affectionate

Not wanting to have sex for a short amount of time is not an issue for a woman, and it could be caused by a variety of absolutely harmless factors. If she declines to have sex for a few days or even weeks, her desire may simply be reduced.

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However, it may also be a deception. It might mean she’s thinking about someone else, fantasizing about them, or daydreaming about them.

If it happens frequently, you should begin asking a question like, “My girlfriend feels looser than usual, is she cheating?” Even if you don’t like the answer, finding it out sooner rather than later is preferable. This way, you know precisely what you want to do with your life. It’s not just about her.

How Do You Catch a Cheating Girlfriend?


Catching a cheating girlfriend is sometimes the best way of dealing with her, especially if she disputes cheating on you. You should be aware of the top indicators of a cheating girlfriend, but keep in mind that they may not be true. One of the best approaches is to use cell phone tracking apps to find out if she’s cheating. Most cheaters will utilize the phone to support their illicit activities. Today, you may utilize a variety of applications, like Cocospy. Android monitoring applications for catching a cheating girlfriend have several advantages, including the ability to operate in stealth mode, easy installation and usage, and dependability.

Cocospy is an eccentric piece of software with easy maneuvers that will be helpful in catching a cheating girlfriend. This is the platform to use if you are a victim of infidelity and would like to conduct background checks on the person who cheated on you with their cell phone.

The following are the key features of the Cocospy spy app:

  • Message monitoring
  • Monitoring of call history
  • Monitoring of social media apps
  • Tracking saved multimedia files
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Final Word: What to Say to a Cheating Girlfriend

When you catch a cheating girlfriend, you must talk to her about what transpired. Whether you decide to sort things out or not, a frank and transparent discussion is necessary for resolution. Pose important questions to her. What conflicts arose between her and you that may have led to her cheating? What causes dissatisfaction and pain? How would she like communication between you and her to be different? You should also let her know how you feel about the situation. You should then agree on how you will move forward.