Speech on a 50th Wedding Anniversary

It may surprise you to hear that the act of celebrating one’s fiftieth wedding anniversary originated with the Holy Roman Empire where a couple celebrating their fiftieth wedding anniversary often received congratulations from their emperor along with gifts. But most couples back then celebrated their wedding anniversary with the husband crowning his wife with a laurel wreath.

Speech on 50th wedding anniversary

But since then, it has undergone a transformation over the ages to the point that this function is one of the most heavily commercialized ones, right along with birthdays, 21st birthdays, weddings, and every wedding anniversary that one can think of. The fact remains that we live in the digital age, and as a result, are quite insular to the point that we often have this tendency to forget our social skills and as a result, often appear like a misfit. Perhaps in an attempt to compensate, we tend to get our friends expensive gifts for wedding anniversaries and similar functions but whatever be the motivation, this event like many others has indeed become commercialized.

And then, there’s the question of faith and gifts; different faiths have their own take on this event like many others and it often ends with the leader of the congregation or the church blessing the couple and asking them to reaffirm their vows. If you happen to be wondering what gift to get for the 50th wedding anniversary, then you should know that the general theme for the 50th anniversary happens to be gold. You could also go for something functional but if you can afford it, then it is preferable to get something in gold for the 50th anniversary.

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But apart from gold, you can also get the coupe violets or a yellow rose as a gift for the main event. Of course, you can ask about the need to celebrate 50 years of being together? One of the reasons that anniversaries, especially wedding anniversaries are widely celebrated is that it allows the couple to form firm bonds, to renew their vows to each other and to host a party to celebrate their lives together.

Just imagine that you are about to celebrate the 50th anniversary, that as a couple you both have overcome all the challenges that life had to throw at you and that the both of you, together have managed to overcome all these hurdles and have managed to stay together all these years. This can also help motivate other couples to work together and to overcome all the challenges that come their way.

It is hard to imagine most couples sticking it to the end and celebrating their 50th successfully given the pressures and stress that they have to face each day. It has indeed become a rarity to see coupes sticking together up to the golden day. So if you have been invited to a 50th-anniversary party, then make sure that you bring an appropriate gift along with the right sort of flowers for the happy couple.