How a Well-Designed Table Banner Can Give Your Company Amazing Exposure at Marketing Events

Brands need to step up in terms of their marketing strategies. The competition to reach out to target audiences is fiercer than before. Companies cannot afford to overspend on experiential marketing tools, especially when competing with other businesses at corporate events or seminars. Although marketing, in general, has changed a lot over the past decade, the essence of marketing is still the same – influence your target consumers’ emotions, and you can direct their buying behaviors.

In a recent survey, 74% of consumers stated that engaging with well-branded event marketing experiences makes them likelier to purchase products or services from companies. So, if marketers can use the best-known marketing tools like event banners, they can easily plant “seeds” in their target consumers’ minds. These “seeds” will eventually lead to more brand exposure.

Here’s how tried and tested marketing tools like event banners can help your brand generate great amounts of exposure at seminars and other marketing events –

Get a Variety of Options at Cost-Effective Rates


Their marketing experts always request brand managers to keep their tactics fresh. If you have already used one type of table banner before, do not repeat it at the next event. Thankfully, the banner market is full of exciting options.

  • Marketers can buy blank or fully colored table covers and customize them as per their specific requirements.
  • Open corner table covers are ideal for events where many brand representatives sit next to each other.
  • Fitted and stretchable table covers are perfect if you plan to use the banner in multiple locations.
  • You can reuse adjustable table covers multiple times.
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There are, of course, several other options like pleated table covers or round-fitted table covers. But, what all of these banners have in common is cost-efficiency. Since budget management is a crucial aspect of every modern-day marketer’s job profile, these affordable banners are extremely popular amongst small business owners.

Even if one vinyl banner does not perform well at an event, marketers can easily get ten other options that may work better at future events. That is why several business owners order their banners in bulk. They customize them on their own and then use them year after year.

Choosing a good banner stand

When it comes to making a good table banner, it is an essential consideration to make to choose the right banner-stand. However, not all of them are equally made, suiting various purposes in hand. If you do not have a clear understanding of how they should be placed, you may not be able to get the best out of it while implementing it at your venue.

You can get some of the best table banner choices at Bannerbuzz. To choose the best, you need to have a fair understanding of various available options, and further, we will discuss a few important things to consider while choosing the right product.

Getting a sturdy banner stand


There are a lot of products flooding the banner industry. There are many cheap options for sure, but you cannot rely fully on the same quality. If you are looking for versatility and quality in table banners, it is recommended to consider choosing top-notch banner stands carefully. One which is used for outdoor and indoor purposes are different. For outdoor use, the banner stands should be able to withstand the challenging environmental elements too. In light of the table banner requirements in focus, let us explore a few important things to consider for choosing good banner stands.

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Picking up the right size

Before buying any table banner stands or other trade show materials, always make sure that you are aware of space and size restrictions. This will help you to get the signate which fits ideally to the space provided. If the banner stand you choose is too small or too big, it will simply spoil the purpose and not grab the viewers’ attention.

Work closely with an expert designer

When designing the content of a table banner, it is important to make the designing team understand your exact purpose and the nature of the target audience of the banner. Knowing these, a designer who works closely with you can help get an attractive table banner, which can pull in the crowd. Most of the time, the marketers may not be design experts to make your designs, so try to club up with intelligent and insightful designers with a taste of marketing to take up this job for you.A catchy display with alluring text and graphics can surely impress your potential customers by offering you better chances to meet your goals.

Talk to the experts

As we discussed above, different types of banner stands may serve different purposes based on the nature of your business and the objective of placing a table banner. Say, for example, you can choose a retractable table banner, which can be easily transported between the trade shows and other venues. Retractable banner stands are compact and also easy to install. There are also fixed table banners, which you can place at the office tables and other such venues. It is advisable to talk to the banner manufacturer or printer experts by sharing your requirements and getting some advice from them based on their expertise and experience in choosing the right ones.

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If your table banners are made of vinyl, you will not have to invest in a new set of banners for a long time. Vinyl is extremely durable and weather-proof. Whether it rains at the event or the banner experiences a lot of sun damage – these outdoor advertising tools never waver in quality.

Even the banners that feature clear graphics and high-definition glossy finishes last for decades. Brands that have dedicated design teams on their payroll can benefit a lot from these ones.

Instant Creation

Several companies offer custom banner creation services in very short periods. These vinyl banners can be imprinted with advanced-style graphics and eye-catching colors of your banner. All of these processes take place in less than a few hours. So, with high-quality vinyl marketing banners, brand owners have the total freedom to experiment and expand at very cost-effective rates.