Windows VPS Bitcoin – New Alternative Of Payment Method

In this digital era, you can bet everything is going to be digitized, no exception for the currency itself. The most popular one is Bitcoin. It is probably not your first time reading the term since its release in 2008. On the other hand, Bitcoin not only serves as a digital currency, but it is more like your invented asset in a digital form.

Speaking of buying VPS hosting service, you may recognize that the payment mechanisms of web hosting service providers differ from each other. Most of them offer a wide range of payments like PayPal, credit cards, and so on. But in recent years, these hosting providers have started to provide Bitcoin payments as well. Bitcoin as a payment option will open the possibility to reach more customers, especially for those who are more comfortable to pay using Bitcoin.

This article will cover the knowledge of Bitcoin as a VPS payment method, whether you want to buy Linux or Windows VPS. As a beginner, we will tell you how you can have your Bitcoin for the first time and when it is for you to buy a vps server using Bitcoin as suggested by vpsserver.

What can a Bitcoin VPS do?


Since you already know that Bitcoin is a digitized currency, you may wonder whether you can buy the VPS hosting service by using Bitcoin as your payment. You do not have to second-guess it anymore because you can buy anything you want on the web as long as the business provides Bitcoin for the payment method, including VPS hosting service. In this case you will need to get a licensed VPN hosting service. Need a real OEM License? Get a good deal from Impkeys.

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In addition, Bitcoin or cryptocurrency as payment will have several benefits towards the provider and customer. For example, as the newest payment method, Bitcoin, with its decentralized payment system, will decrease any issues that you may encounter when utilizing conventional payment. Because of the decentralized system, you do not have to worry about payment failure.

Another issue that you typically have in regards to conventional payment is payment rejection. Using conventional transfer method is closely related to fraud prevention. The fraud policy sometimes may be too complicated and challenging to comprehend. Consequently, the bank will not validate the receiver and immediately decline your payment. This is crucial in terms of the uptime for Windows VPS hosting. Using Bitcoin will prevent you from experiencing this kind of matter.

Another way to secure payments is to use high-quality hosting. This is a must, because not only will it be easier to handle transactions, but you will also have fewer issues regarding your activities online. Routerhosting provides cheap Windows VPS options to its clients and it is up to you to select the package you need.

As we mentioned above, several countries have almost a quarter of their citizens do not have PayPal, credit cards, and even bank accounts. Hence, assuming that you are a business owner, by not offering other payment methods like Bitcoin will make you lose the customers since they will sign with another hosting provider that offers more payment methods. Therefore, providing Bitcoin as a payment option will give you an edge on the market competitiveness.

How can I pick up some Bitcoin to pay for the VPS?


As you may have known, there are millions of threats when you surf on the internet, no exception for Bitcoin itself. Scamming is one of the internet threats that you should be very aware of when it comes to obtaining Bitcoin. Speaking of getting Bitcoin is relatively easy; all you need to is either mining or buying it.

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Mining Bitcoin requires you to join a Bitcoin mining platform. In the forum, you can find many people provide the opportunity so you can earn Bitcoin. On the other side, you can simply find Bitcoin providers out there and start buying from them. Once again, you have to be very careful in choosing or joining any Bitcoin platform to mitigate the possibility of getting scammed.

When is the best time to buy a VPS with Bitcoin?


It is safe to say that once you get your own Bitcoins, You may start to think of it as a stock or trading. According to the statement, you will find that sometimes the value of your Bitcoin could be increasing or decreasing. Seeing this Bitcoins value pattern, we would say that when the Bitcoin value is high, people tend to save it for later. Besides, they do not want to lose any chance of opportunity that can be beneficial for them when the value is high. In contrast to that, when the value of Bitcoin is relatively low, most people are unconsciously spending the Bitcoin. According to this, the fluctuating value of Bitcoin will majorly affect the trade on the market.

As to answer the above question, the best time to buy the Linux or Windows VPS hosting service is when the value of Bitcoin is stable. Because the fluctuating Bitcoin value will affect the hosting price as well, this is why the appropriate time to have your own VPS servers is when the Bitcoin value is on a stable level.

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Speaking of buying a VPS server with a Bitcoin payment method, you may also want to verify the hosting provider. Since it is relatively easy to find VPS hosting providers that offer Bitcoin as their payment method, in this case you have to be very careful in picking the hosting providers. By using Bitcoin, there will be no money-back assurance, that is why it is crucial to verify the provider before you directly make the payment via Bitcoin.

To help you in choosing the hosting provider when you choose Bitcoin as your payment choice. You get to have some background knowledge about the hosting provider, it means you have to do some research at first. Besides, you have to check the previous customer reviews. Especially previous customers that used the Bitcoin payment method. Either they have a good payment experience or got scammed in the payment process. This can be one of your considerations in choosing a VPS hosting provider.

In a word, bitcoins nowadays has become so popular and makes many businesses including web hosting providers use it as a payment alternative to their customers. In doing so, they can reach more customers, specifically those who shift from conventional payment methods to mitigate any payment problem. Bitcoin is the solution for both business owner and customer, significantly when buying a Linux or Windows VPS server.