Will Any Roulette Strategy Guarantee That You Win Each Time?

Individuals who are well-versed in the subject of gambling, and know all the interesting trivia, are aware of Einstein’s saying about roulette. However, we should understand that this saying is not to be taken seriously since it is not impossible to be a successful gambler, especially when it comes to roulette.

Interestingly enough, Einstein’s field of specialty, physics, is essential for you to be successful at this game. If you played this game at least once, or you have seen some movie where the casino is the main setting of the story, then you know what it is all about. For a long time, roulette was available solely to people from upper social status.

Today, the situation is completely different, and anyone can access it. If you want to take a look at a website where you can find roulette, then be sure to to visit syndicate.casino. Today, we want to discuss whether is it possible for anyone to devise a strategy that can guarantee you a win in each spin. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Is It Possible to Achieve It?

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Before we take a look at some roulette strategies you can implement in your game, there are some things we need to clear up. The first one is the most important, and it means that you should have realistic expectations. It means that you cannot expect any strategy to be successful each time you play.

Think about it, if this was possible, then the house will not win in most situations. Therefore, it is an unrealistic expectation, and whenever you see someone claiming that it is possible, you should look the other way. Naturally, you should see just how credible these sources are before you look for advice.

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Since we are not talking about a classic game of skill, you should be aware of the fact that luck will play a major role in your potential success. Those who know about luck in gambling, know that old lady comes in different frames, and it is not possible to predict it at all, which makes perfect sense.

The Most Efficient Strategies

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Now, we want to take a look at a couple of strategies that can help you be more successful.

1. Martingale

The first strategy we would like to talk about is the martingale betting strategy. Implementing this one is not an issue at all, since the recipe is quite simple. Whenever you lose a hand, you should make a double bet. Even in situations when you’re having a bad streak, you will be able to at least cover your spending.

As you can see, this is a pretty risky strategy, and you need high capital before you can decide to use it. Not to mention that it is essential for you to be prepared to lose some money in return. Therefore, this is not a strategy anyone should implement, and when you do, it is essential to be careful about your moves.

2. James Bond

The next one we want to point out is usually conducted in moments when the player doesn’t plan for the session to try long. As is the case with the previous one, implementing it doesn’t require a lot of time and effort. A player uses $200 and puts $140 on numbers between 19 and 36.

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$50 on numbers between 13 and 18, and the final $10 should be on the green field, 0. If you talk with players that implement this one frequently, you will hear that it succeeds two-thirds of the time. Therefore, you can easily make up for every potential loss you face down the road.

3. D’Alembert

If you are not someone who likes to risk a lot of your budget, which means you don’t like to double down, the D’Alembert strategy is probably the right one for you. The reason is that it has a positive effect on you reducing the number of options, therefore, you don’t need to worry about losing money too much.

It happens for a reason that it doesn’t increase your chances by two, and it does it by one. The thing you should be aware of is that you can lose a lot of money with this one, but not at once. So, you should be as patient and careful as possible.

4. The Constant

The last strategy we want to discuss is known as the constant. It means that you should be persistent with your bets, and you shouldn’t increase or lower them at all. Of course, it is one of the riskiest ones out there, but if you play your cards right, you can expect a lot of benefits down the road.

Roulette Layout

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Finally, we want to address one of the most important questions when it comes down to roulette, its layout. Why is this important to understand? The reason is rather simple, that way, you can have a proper understanding of the odds you’re facing. Naturally, it depends on the number of fields, or more precisely, the variant you are interested in.

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For instance, the first thing you should take a look at is whether there are two green fields on the table. We are talking about 0 and 00. Since there are more fields on the table, the probability of you winning is going to be somewhat lower than in situations where there is just one of these green fields.

Besides that, you should be aware that numbers are arranged differently in different variants of the game. For these two reasons, we believe it is essential to take a look at the table before you start to play. By doing so, you will not be in a situation where you are not sure how to place your bets properly.

In Conclusion

It is simply not reasonable to expect that a certain strategy will help you be 100% successful as a roulette player. But that doesn’t mean you cannot increase your chances by implementing some of these. Be sure to take a look at those we’ve presented you with.