What is so Special About Cartier Glasses?

Cartier! Who hasn’t heard of this famous surname in the civilized world? The surname, which is planetary brand, is an instant association of luxury, design, quality, high class. In the jeweler’s Pantheon, the best of the best, perhaps the strongest star of the elegant jewelry sky. Tiffany & co., Bulgari, Van Cleef & Arples, Harry Winston… are just some of the names of eternal rivals, but also fans of the Cartier brand and its exceptional pieces of jewelry, watches, glasses.

Amazing tradition and history

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Today’s company Cartier is engaged in the design, manufacture and distribution of jewelry, watches and glasses around the world. Every metropolis has a Cartier bouthique.
Cartier founded Louis-Francois Cartier back in 1847 in Paris, taking over a small jewelry store from his teacher. It became a family business, his son Alfred got involved, but in fact, grandchildren Louis, Pierre and Jacques started, expanded the business and launched the family name and established it as a brand.

There is a long history and tradition of this glamorous jewelry house. From the wife of Napoleon III, Eugenie, who happened to notice beautiful and original jewelry in a small shop and thus introduced the name Cartier and high society, and through the British nobility from the time of Edward VII, who has only the deepest admiration, respect and praise for Cartier production .

Offices were opened in London in 1906, the business expanded at an incredible rate and its volume grew daily. A connection has been established with the British royal family, and this cooperation continues to this day, and some of the most valuable pieces of jewelry, watches and glasses are currently in the British royal treasury.

Today, Cartier has about 200 stores, salons, boutiques around the world, in 125 countries. The most famous stores are in Paris, located in the famous Rue de la Paix, London and of course New York.

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The French and their approach to jewelry making, style, charm, quality, innovation … have brought new tendencies, both in design and high aesthetics, as well as in functionality. Despite wars, revolutions, crises and turmoil, the incredible French aestheticized spirit has sustained and imposed itself permanently.

Cartier first introduced geometric shapes as early as 1907, inspired by Egypt and the Middle East. Then there is the innovative Tutti frutti collection, inspired by Persia. The famous Flamingo, made for the Duchess of Windsor, is a Panther sapphire and diamond brooch. The legendary LOVE bracelet from 1969 is also unavoidable, which, in addition to being made of precious metal and precious stones, also has curiosities. It is sold in a pair with a screwdriver and twists, which the loving couple fasten to each other, as a symbol of unbreakable love. Even today, this bracelet is made and sold, so popular, slightly modified in terms of design, but conceptually still the same.

High-end glasses

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The Cartier Corporation has never lagged behind in anything. On the contrary. Always present flame of innovation, introduction and design of new products. The philosophy of constant research and progress has been reflected in their production and design of top quality glasses.

Today, their glasses, both Cartier optical glasses and Cartier sunglasses are also sold, treated as a kind of artwork. Diverse in design, but of exceptional quality, a wide range of prices, even up to several thousand dollars, it is an inviolable status symbol, the embodiment of luxury and wealth and quality.

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Following fashion trends, but above all sticking to products made of precious metals, such as white, yellow, pink gold and platinum, then premium glass, photo gray or some other types, provide sharp vision and beneficial effects on the eyes. There are also less expensive frames made of titanium, wood, horn. Mass and cheaper production is recognized as an imperative of today and by Cartier managers and strategists. Modern approach to production and marketing, cheaper materials, better prices are included in the business policy of Cartier Corporation.

It should be noted that Cartier glasses are a top product, high class in every way. Extremely detailed and precisely made, from top materials, fantastic design, where even the most discerning customer can find their model. Diamonds inserted into the frame are placed by the world’s best jewelers, working under the most modern microscopes. Their functionality is at an incredible level, they are light and comfortable to wear. Their production is accompanied by the smallest details, including specialized equipment. Luxurious cases, of all shapes, colors and materials, with the recognizable gold Cartier engraved logo, then quality glass cleaning fabrics, all this is the equipment you will get if you opt for Cartier glasses.


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In addition to glasses and jewelry, as primary products, Cartier introduces the production and manufacture of watches. Needless to say, the top experts, designed the mechanisms for Cartier watches. With a perfect mechanism, made of precious metals, the design is superior, diverse and unusual, everything is garnished with precious stones and stands in the front row, side by side with watchmakers. Cartier, Rolex, Filip Patek, Omega. Every business man, aristocrat or successor, has at least one in their collection.

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Since Cartier glasses and Cartier products in general are high-class and exclusive, which implies a high price, their fakes of various types have also appeared on the market. With bad, cheap copies, everything is clear and no one will rush in and buy them, believing they are real. Jewelry is hard to fake, but glasses are easier to fake, especially in the experienced world of imitators. There are also large companies that are very skilled at making copies, using good materials.

You should pay attention to glass, details, frame, flexible hinge, logo … all that, if you look closely, must look perfect. That’s why it’s best to buy glasses or whatever you want in the official Cartier stores or registered reseller. Even coming there is not uncommon. You often have to make an appointment and then come, so that you can look around, try it out and ask the seller about everything that interests you. In a regular shop you will receive an invoice, a guarantee and you know that you have bought an original product.

You can check offer of one authorized seller at https://pretavoir.us/collections/cartier-glasses and then you will know the difference between authorized shop and those that sell fakes.


World-famous, branded products, of any kind, are not known by chance. Each of these products, the names that are imprinted on them, guarantee the quality of workmanship, materials, design. When you decide to buy just such precious things, you will be sure to get the best. For this reason, it is advisable to stick to the philosophy of life that buying quality, tested and more expensive things is always a better decision than buying a bunch of cheap products.