How to Introduce Couples’ Sex Toys Into Your Relationship

Once we find that special someone, it’s one of the best feelings in the world, as we feel like we could fly, and that feeling carries us through everything that might come up our way. Now, besides that special feeling, being in a relationship also means how we are connected to that special someone, and we talk about various subjects, but certain topics still bring up that awkward feeling of nervousness, as we are not used to freely talking about one of the main subjects, and yes, we are talking about bed-related things. Namely, adult toys have been something most people want to try out but are unwilling to take the necessary step and actually buy, and this gets even more complicated for those in a relationship. So, to make this entire talk more natural, let’s go through some basic tips on how to do that.

Good communication is the key


Everything starts and ends with communication, and the better it is, the easier everything gets, and this rule applies to every possible subject. We are all aware of how important open communication is for every relationship, as it is the only way for a relationship to grow and blossom, and there is no exception even when it comes to sex toys and their usage together with a partner. Now, it’s not easy to start talking about intimate life, and some couples even struggle talking about usual things in bed, but the only way to make any sex-related subject easier to talk about and freer, is by communicating.

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Of course, this doesn’t mean that someone should bring up this subject at any given moment, as timing, especially for those not that comfortable with this topic, is of vast importance. Otherwise, it can be counterproductive and actually can do more harm than good, which is not something you would want to happen, as it can also affect badly to your entire relationship. So, if there is something new you would like to try, make sure to pick the right moment to bring it up and talk to your partner about what you could do and what toys to pick to make things in bed more interesting.

Be open-minded

All we need is to talk and express our wishes and desires, but also keep in mind that it is necessary to explain everything to a partner. In that way, they can understand and sometimes change their opinion even if the idea of using these toys has not been interesting to them. There is nothing wrong with these types of toys, and many people are willing to try them, but not all of them are brave enough to talk about it, so if you and your partner are in a relationship for a while, you want to try them, but they do not talk about it, simply start the conversation. In that way, you will be able to check their opinion, what they like and do not like, and probably get a good idea of how to surprise them after that conversation. Furthermore, don’t let various myths and misconceptions about these toys affect your opinion, and what’s even more important, don’t let what other people think affect you in any way, as the only way to be happy is by focusing on what really matters and that’s you and your significant other.

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Think about the timing


As we have already mentioned, it is not always easy to find the perfect timing to do or say something, but it is necessary to be strategic when it comes to these toys. The reason for that is pretty simple, as people are still pretty confused about them, and they are still taboo, so not many people are willing to admit that they would try or already use them. It is not something that someone should say at the very beginning of the relationship, as a partner can get confused or even scared, which can easily change the whole dynamic of the relationship. Instead of that, it is a much better solution to wait for a while until you get to know each other better and build trust. Of course, it all depends on the level and speed of how fast the relationship progresses, as some people have a much more open relationship from the very beginning, so make sure to include all the factors before making any decision and buying anything.

Choose together

Choosing the best toy for together usage is something that both partners should do, as it is the only way for both of them to have the best possible experience. It can be a little challenging, especially if one of them has tried them before, as they will try to decide on their own, but it can easily lead to arguing. It should be a fun activity, and if the partner like a certain something, and you are not so happy about it because you have tried it before, there is no need not to try it again, as it can be a totally different experience. On the other hand, if one person in a relationship has tried some toys, they can provide a much better insight into what can be expected and whether they are fond of those toys, and can make the entire decision-making process much easier and faster. Once again, it’s all about how great communication partners have in a relationship and whether they have similar preferences and prefer similar things in bed.

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Do not neglect safety


Safety always comes first, regardless of the topic we are talking about, and this rule applies to everything. Now, thanks to the popularity of these toys, we can find many manufacturers that use suspicious materials and send them for a lower price. The price has a huge role in our decision-making, but the price should not be the main factor when choosing the best toy, as our health can be seriously endangered if we use one made of low-quality materials. Because of that, doing some research and finding a reliable manufacturer is a must, but if you have just convinced your partner to try and do not have enough time to read the reviews, visit Cupid Boutique and choose the best one.