6 Ways to Tell if Your Engagement Ring Fits – 2024 Guide

There are a few moments in life as exciting and dreamy as being proposed to. For the guys, asking a girl to marry them is a huge deal and for the girls it the thing they fantasize about from their childhood days. Finding somebody to spend the rest of your life with is not something that comes easy, but eventually most people find their soulmate. The logical step is to plan for marriage as the initial stage of being together forever. But before marriage or even a wedding can take place, an engagement must take place. And for an engagement to happen, of course, there needs to be a ring involved.

Buying an engagement ring is never easy especially if the guy knows next to nothing about jewelry, rings, engagements, and most of all, sizes. The ladies know what they like and what they would like to get, but they too could have troubles with knowing the exact size of the ring they will wear forever. Already owning rings is not always helpful either because there are different fits and universal sizes do not always work. To help both the men and women in this struggle, we talk about ways to tell if your engagement ring fits. This article will help those buying the ring as well as those wearing it.

Remember that even if the ring is too small or too big, it can be resized. It is not the end of the world if it does not fit perfectly from the get go. It can be modified alter but that too requires the couple to know the right size. Join us as we talk about how you can tell if your ring fits and how to determine the correct size for your ring finger. To learn more about this as well as to browse an amazing collection of beautiful engagement rings, make sure to check out MoissaniteCo.

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1. It does not come off easily

It is a no-brainer really, but if somebody else can pull your engagement ring off your finger without any resistance, it is entirely too loose. It is probably a few sizes too big and it definitely needs to be sized down. Nobody should be able to take off a ring off your finger. If that were the case, there would not be much sense in wearing them as they would simply come off on their own. Even if it cannot go over the knuckles, the ring can be too big for the base of the finger. That is again a loose fit that will not be comfortable. Having a ring that moves can be annoying as it should sit comfortably in one place.

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2. The effort to remove it

We are not saying that the ring should block the circulation to your finger, but there needs to be some honest effort before you can take it off entirely. This prevents the ring from falling off during regular daily activities like showering, washing the dishes, working, or doing exercises and sports. The ring should remain on the finger and it will do so if the fit is right. When you eventually want to take it off, perhaps during the night or when doing something that can damage it, it should be a comfortable struggle. That is perhaps the best way of putting it since you should be able to take it off, just not too easily.

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3. It is the same shape as your finger

Although we think of them as round, our fingers are not actually round. There are no perfectly round things in nature, and our fingers are far from it. If a ring is entirely round like a perfectly drawn loop, it will definitely not be the right fit for any finger. Instead, the ring should be oval and follow the shape of the finger. The widest part should be able to go over the knuckle, but also hug the base of the finger and not be able to move. But again, if it is too oblong it can be weird to both wear and look at. It is all about the golden middle when wearing engagement rings.

4. It has additional fitting elements

If the engagement ring is to fit your finger perfectly, it may need to have sizer balls or humps that will help the finger accommodate it more easily. Metal sizer balls are soldered to the inside of the ring and they fill the space at the base of the finger. Leaving enough room to pass over the knuckles, they make the ring sit in place where it needs to. Humps do the same thing but are more comfortable to have, as well as more aesthetically pleasing. However, both of these can grow uncomfortable over time and actually make the ring too tight.

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5. Indents mean tightness

The ring is too tight and needs to be sized a few sizes up if it creates permanent indents on the finger. Rings should be difficult to take off for security reasons, especially in the morning, but if it is too tight all the time and you can feel your finger pulsating, it is time to have it resized. Now, certain rings are easy to size up while others are difficult to change. The simpler the band of the ring is, the better the chances to have it bigger and looser. For example, pave diamond or intricate metal bands could be structurally damaged and their overall designed hindered if their shape is changed.

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The perfect fit

Before we let you go, we have to talk about the perfect fit, the way every ring should feel. The basic rule of thumb is for the ring to be easier to put on that to take off. Not being used to wearing a ring every day may be mistaken for the ring being too tight. It takes some getting used to. Also, the engagement ring will and should be a bit tighter than simpler and cheaper jewelry you have probably worn in your lifetime. Do not rush to have your engagement ring resized. The perfect time to wait to confirm if it is really too big or too small is a month of continuous wearing. Also, make sure to wait for the summer to pass before reshaping it because the fingers do swell up a bit when it is hot and shrink down when it is cold. Just like everything else!