Speech on Women’s Rights

It should not come as a surprise to us that women continue to fight for their rights to this day; since time immemorial, they have been insisting that they be accorded equal rights that we men seem to enjoy, and for one reason or another, they have been thwarted at the same, again and yet again. It is time that we sought to correct the imbalance. Allow me to state right out now, that women are not unequal to men; they have proved themselves to be brave and courageous, they have handled the most complicated and sensitive of tasks with tact and care. In fact, if it was not for women, none of us would be alive to walk this earth.

The fact remains that despite our claims of being part of a developed society, we are yet to grant our women equal rights. You can take any industry and you will find that most of the top positions are filled with men; it is not that women cannot fill their shoes but for some reason, those in charge find the thought of a woman leader abhorrent. What should be interesting to note is that certain women, from various nations across the world, have started reasserting themselves and had become leaders of respective states and territories and in a few cases, leaders of a whole nation. This only serves to underscore the fact that most of us do practice a form of gender apartheid, wherein women are not allowed the same rights or for that matter, access to resources that men enjoy.

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It is high time that this inimical practice was brought to a complete halt; in fact, women won the right to cast ballots in a free and fair election only after the 1920s which only goes on to show you that the men dominated society is reluctant to accept any change to the status quo. But the good news is that change is coming and soon at that as more governments are waking up to the fact that nearly half their electorate happens to be women. As a result, many women are being hired to fill positions for which they would not have been considered earlier. While the earlier thought of women and the kitchen seems to have been shelved, some of the changes are yet to happen. Guess it would take some time; Perhaps we should thank our stars that times have indeed changed as women have started re-asserting their rights and that includes the right to do what they want.

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After all, we owe a debt of gratitude to the woman who brought us out into this world, our mother. And it is the same group of people that we owe an eternal thanks to. And what better way to recognize women’s contribution to modern society than to champion the issue of women’s rights; it is for this very reason what we should petition the government to help make our dream into a reality.