World Cricket Records that Will Probably Never Be Broken

Cricket doesn’t the as much attention as football or any other sport, but it’s still big in Asia and the UK. It’s a very fun sport once you learn the rules, and the fact that it goes on for hours make it all the more exciting. It’s a fun sport to bet on at crypto betting sites such as SportsAdda courtesy of the unique markets that you don’t get in any other sport.

Just like in any other sport, records in cricket are meant to be broken. Some of these have been broken a long time ago, and no one has come close to overwriting them since. Below you can see the most significant broken records in cricket that no player may come close to again.

Highest Career Batting Average


Many cricket players like to brag about their batting average, but it’s been a century and no one has come close to The Don. That was the nickname of legendary Australian cricketer Don Bradman. Widely hailed as the best batsman of all time, he had a career batting average of 99.94. Those are video-game like numbers and no one has come even close to them.

Bradman rose from a relative unknown bush cricket player to a legendary leader of the Australian test team. His story about practicing all day long with a cricket stump and a golf ball is entwined in Australian folklore. His career batting average proves how great of a batsman he is. After all, no one has been able to get a career batting average of over 66, so The Don’s record will probably never be broken.

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Top Career Runs

Sir Jack Hobbs is another iconic cricketer who holds a big record to this day. Known as The Master, he scored over 60,000 runs in his career and 199 centuries which is another record. According to espncricinfo, he’s the most prolific cricket scorer of all time, and that might not change anytime soon.

The fact that it’s been around a century without anyone coming close to his record shows how great Hobbs was.

Most International Career Centuries


India’s Sachin Tendulkar was a superstar during his time. He’s recognized as one of the best modern batsman in international cricket. He started his career at 16 in a test match against Pakistan, and scored his maiden century shortly after. It was the start of one of the most incredible cricket careers internationally that would span two decades.

Even a decade after his retirement, his record remains unbroken. He has hit the most centuries in both one day internationals with 49 and Test cricket with 51.

Best Bowling in ODI History

Chaminda Vass, a cricket player from Sri Lanka, holds this unique record. In 2001, he destroyed Zimbabwe in just 15.4 overs in what’s known as the best individual bowling match in ODI history. Vaas took just 8 wickets in this match which means over 80% of Zimbabwe’s tickets. And yes, Zimbabwe may not be a cricket powerhouse, but Vaas’ record has not yet been broken. It shows the masterclass he produced is not easy to beat.

Highest Score by a Night Watchman


For those unaware, the definition of a night watchman in cricket by BBC Sport is a non-specialist batsman who is sent to the field when there are just a few overs remaining. Since these matches can last for the most part of the day, it usually gets dark before the night watchmen takes over. Hence the name.

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They don’t see much action. Yet even in that limited role, Australia’s Jason Gillespie scored an unbeaten 201 in a 2006 match against Bangladesh. This is one of those impressive records that will require a miracle to be broken. It’s been almost two decades, and no one has come close to “Dizzy” Gillespie’s record.

Most International Wickets Scored

While many cricket internationals have a fantastic number of wickets, the record holder is a Sri Lankan legend. Muttiah Muralitharan has taken a total of 1,347 wickets in international cricket, a record he achieved in his career that spanned two decades. Muralitharan had 800 ‘victims’ in Test matches and a further 547 in white ball formats.

The next player on the list, Shane Warne, is still over 300 wickets away from the record. It remains to be seen if any cricket player actually breaks this record that seems incredible.

Most Deliveries in Innings


Sunny Ramadhin, a West Indies bowler, holds the record for most deliveries in innings in international cricket. He was on fire in a test match against England in 1957 played in Edgbaston. The spinner hit a fantastic 98 overs which is the highest-ever amount of deliveries in a single innings.

This record remains unbroken to this day. It was in danger of being broken only once in a 2001 match between Zimbabwe and South Africa. Zimbabwe’s Ray Price grinded a total of 79 overs, 19 short of Ramadhin’s record that may never be broken.

Shortest Test Match

Test matches usually last long, but that wasn’t the case when Australia and South Africa took the field in 1932. This match holds the record for the shortest Test game ever, clocking in at just five hours, 53 minutes of action. It lasted only a day when regular Test matches last up to five.

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Australia’s brilliance saw Short Africa dismissed in 36 runs in the first innings and 45 in the second. The land down under scored 153 runs on its own and took 11 wickets in the match. They only conceded 24 runs, which is the reason why the match was cut short.

Oldest Test Cricketer


Cricket is not as athletic a sport as football or basketball. Still, it’s unusual for players to play over the age of 40, unless their name is Wilfred Rhodes. The English all-rounder holds the record for oldest Test cricketer when he started for England in the back at age 52. With modern cricket players usually retiring at around 35, it’s no wonder why this record has not been broken in over a century.