10 Tips for Choosing the Right World of Warcraft Expansion

The game series reveals new avenues into the WoW cosmology with its various expansions. The WoW MMORPG series offers several hours of playtime and has a tremendous dose of fantasy gameplay that keeps the players amazed. Whether you are a veteran player or a newbie, the exciting World of Warcraft features, the ever-evolving MMOs, and the associated rewards and activities are too hard to resist.

For all WoW lovers, we are here to assist you with some lore to improve your gameplay. If you have no idea which expansion to choose, here are our top picks for you. Go ahead and have a blast at the game.

Top WoW Expansions

1. Best expansion for new players

The World of Warcraft doesn’t give the rewards easily for new players. You will first have to prove your might playing through the current expansion. This means you first need to have a character at the max level in the Battle of Azeroth before you think of expansion to Shadowlands.

We recommend starting with Legion, one of the old yet enthralling expansions of the game. As a newbie, you can even try your hands at the fiery Crusade. Playing Legion will let you know the expectation from the Warcraft game and get familiar with the storyline. It has colourful quests in lush forests and 14 hours of game time with class halls. Explore more about WoW expansions at https://buy-boost.com/wow

2. For best XP and plot combinations

Warlords of Draenor and Legion seem to offer the best levelling background in WoW. It presents a wide variety of battle scenes wrapped in horror and action. This expansion has enthralling raids, new dungeons, and interesting zones and stories. You also find character remodels, novel gear, and endless opportunities for the WoW community.

Legion, introduced in 2016, has an expansive plot that keeps the fans glued to their PCs for hours. It introduces the Demon Hunter class to this WoW game. This new class comes with artefact weapons, advanced zones, and an increased number of levels. It has everything take time and attempt to level to their most powerful forms.

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3. Top expansion for Racial Bonuses

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All the WoW expansions of the sport offer a big variety of 24 races to select. There are racial trait units with new or superior capabilities in your characters. Each race has an exhaustive listing of effective and passive bonuses. However, 10 of the 24 races are locked and unavailable to new gamers called the Allied Races. You will need to fulfil certain conditions, like, a specific questline, to access those races.

For example, in expansions like The Burning Crusade and Legion, the Lightforged Draenei, can help you get bonus experience points. Similarly, in Azeroth, with Darkspear Trolls, you can kill beasts to get bonus experience. You will spend months playing with a racial character, so choose wisely here.

4. Choosing Classes

For those of you planning solo levelling, the various WoW expansions provide specific WoW specs and classes. For all MMO players, the classes you choose impact your group function. For example, ranged caster classes are damage specs. With these classes, you need to survive by fighting enemies or controlling the crowd.

For example, if you choose a Paladin that wears plates, you can conquer half the war zone without fear of his health. You may choose the warrior class with the Arms, Fury, or Protection specs if you like swords. There are healers, tanks, and damage dealer specs with DPS.

5. Choosing Factions

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Factions are your World of Warcraft allies and the groups you choose to join. WoW, expansions provide two choices, The Alliance and the Horde. The former is noble, courageous, and strive to preserve order and justice in Azeroth. The Horde stands for strength, brutal action, and the battle for survival.

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The Horde has raid guilds and different races with unique powers that can give you an edge in PvP and PvE fights. Take, for example, the ability ‘Will of the Forsaken’ gives you an instant immunity to charm, sleep, and fear effects for five seconds. So, Horde players can get a significant advantage in PvP fights.

It is always recommended to decide your faction first, then your class, and last your race. Also, you need to remember that all classes are not available for each race.

6. Starting Zone

You can choose between two starting zones once you are ready to play after customizing race, class, and your faction. For example, you can choose Exile’s Reach, or if you’re rolling a Night Elf, you can choose Shadowglen, which is that race’s specially crafted area. Shadowlands offers a new starting zone, Exile’s Reach, for various race and class combinations. It is a fast and furious way to choose your expansion. There is a vast library of valuable tutorials.

7. Prime expansion for fastest levelling

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‘Warlords of Draenor’ offers almost 12 hours of levelling time. The advantage here is to jump right into the battle and continue to with the detailed plot intro. The latest WoW development, Shadowlands, has removed the Pathfinder achievement for flying that makes it further easier to level.

For levelling speed, players can use the Garrison feature, which is your home base during expansions. You can upgrade it multiple times as per your needs. You can also use the mission features to go on reward missions. Shadowlands can be your quickest expansion route to level up with its advanced Chromie Time feature.

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8. Immersive Storyline

You will find all WoW extensions mesmerizing, but there are immersive developments in the Mists of hustler expansion. Here you explore a mythical island of Pandaria, amidst the conflicting Alliance and the Horde, with many interesting features. You also get introduced to a hybrid Monk class and Pandaren, which are a neutral race and can join any of the Horde or the Alliance, as per your choice.

9. Best Expansion for Arena PvP

Beloved and good old Wrath of the Lich King scores high in this field. It is an older WoW version, but has an attractive game design. Scale through the Lich King Arthas’s novel continent of Northrend, with his undead minions. You need to reach level 68 at least and the maximum expansion level is 80.

10. Best WoW expansion for graphics

Shadowlands is World of Warcraft’s most recent and flashy expansion. You will find some cool graphics not present in older expansions. It offers new framerate options where you can set your target FPS. Three is also an all-new character creation screen. You also find a ‘Spell Density’ option, which allows you to control the spells density to reach the desired frame rate.

Summing Up

The expansions in the WOW game is mesmerizing and immersive, and it would be difficult just to rule out any one of them. Each of them comes with unique customizations and abilities. It depends on your choice and level of gameplay which expansion you would rather choose. All you need to do is to get set and have fun in the world of Azeroth and beat the various challenges as they arise.