Bariatric Surgery And How It Affects Mental Health

The whole world is facing a huge problem related to the number of people who are facing obesity. This is not something new as well since this problem lasts for decades. However, it is getting more serious over time. The main reasons for this are lack of physical activity and poor nutrition. A lot of people, especially those living in bigger cities got used to fast food and food that contains a lot of sugar. The same is for beverages.

Also, modern jobs include a lot of time spent in the office. Those who are working from home are experiencing the same negative sides as well. Not to mention the other activities. Most of them are passive, like using your phone to scroll through social media, playing video games, binging TV shows, and more.

The rise of people with extra weight is leading to another issue, which is related to mental health. There are some social standards where people with additional weight are seen as less attractive. Also, some mental problems may lead to poor diet and lack of activity. For example, a level of depression where people start avoiding friends and spend the most time playing games or watching various content online.

The problem is that losing weight can be very challenging. That depends on how serious obesity is as well. There are light cases where certain changes in diet and activity can lead to results with moderate effort. However, those who are facing a more serious level of obesity should consider an alternative like weight loss surgery. You can read more about that at khalilicenter. Here are the effects that this surgery can have on mental health.

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Main Features


There are different options available, but Bariatric surgery is proven as one of the most efficient models since it provides fast results and doesn’t cost a fortune. The name is related to a combination of different procedures that will be applied to lower the weight of the patient. This process is especially efficient for patients that have a BMI rate over 40. People with this rate of obesity cannot do much by focusing on diet and exercise. Even if they do, it will take years for them to see any results.

There are many benefits related to this procedure. For example, decreased chance of diabetes, improved cardiovascular system, better condition of the bones, and improved overall health. Also, their advantage is related to mental health. A lot of patients seeking this procedure are facing certain mental challenges like anxiety and depression.

Impact on Mental Health

We will start with the benefits. If the person was struggling for a long time and being overweight affects that person to avoid other people, don’t use some chances in life, avoid public events, and more, this change will have amazing positive effects.

People who went through this procedure will suddenly become more interested in being socially active, and meeting new people. Also, they will hear a lot of praise from people around them. That can have a great effect on those who were struggling with certain mental challenges.

For example, there are people who got into issues with increased weight due to some other challenges in life that made them less social and motivated them to spend the most time at home, binging TV shows, and playing games.

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The biggest change is the level of motivation these people will get to deal with other issues in their lives. For example, loss of weight will make them feel more attractive, which will impact their social life. They will suddenly start looking to meet more people and enjoy more. This is the moment when they start dealing with their mental struggles.


On the other side, there might be some negative sides to this surgery. First of all, you have to keep in mind that there will be results, but if you want to keep them permanent, you will have to change some habits. It can be difficult for some people when they cannot eat some types of food anymore, or avoid bigger portions. It is common that people with mental struggles often eat a lot of sweets and snacks.

Moreover, the surgery can be efficient to some point, but if you want to continue losing more and getting into shape, it will require more effort. This process is perfect for those serious cases, but there will still be a lot of work left for those who want to get into the perfect shape.

Another potential risk is the fear of food. People might develop a mental barrier to food, which may lead to issues with the deficiency of nutrients and minerals in the body. If you are interested in this surgery, be sure to look at that as a new start and a great alternative to quickly lose more weight, but then continue by developing a healthy diet and adding at least some level of activity to your life.

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Besides that, be aware that this is not some magic procedure that will prevent you from getting more weight ever again. The biggest mistake is when people continue with the same habits since that will quickly lead to the same weight they had before the procedure. The effects on mental health, in this case, can be devastating.


Last Words

As you can see, there are both positive and negative sides to people who got through this procedure. It depends on the mental state of the patient. If that person was going through a tough period, this can be a great way to deal with some struggles. However, it also means that the patient will have to change some habits like binge eating, drinking alcohol, and more.

The key is to look at this procedure as a shortcut to losing a lot of weight, but also as a new start where you must continue with new habits and plans where you will include improved food and more of physical activity.