What Is the Best Hosting Option for Your Company to Host Odoo?

Since Odoo is a large application, finding the right hosting option for it which can detect the issues and match your hosting needs may be troublesome. If you’re maintaining a business and utilizing the o ERP framework, you’ll need to pick a solid host.

Hosting is a significant piece of Odoo’s tasks and establishments. The stage’s evaluation is not entirely set in stone by the client’s hosting choices for carrying out Odoo activities. Clients can browse the accompanying hosting services that the Odoo stage and by has in operation.

What is Odoo?

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It is an open-source ERP system that assists organizations in managing their operations, regardless of how large or complex. It has everything you need, from sales to manufacturing to CRM and project management. It’s an all-in-one solution that’s quite effective.

Consider it an internal web application tailored to your company’s specific requirements. It improves the efficiency of corporate processes, allowing you to focus on the important things while saving time and money.

Odoo Cloud Vs. Odoo.sh Vs. Odoo On-Premises

The client can pick the best appropriate host in view of the business needs and the benefits and cons of the Odoo hosting stage. Let’s view the different hosting stages and their bits of knowledge.

1. Odoo Cloud

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Odoo cloud base hosting is for Odoo’s online service, which is provided by it for use in a cloud-based environment. The enterprise edition of it will use SaaS (Software as a Service) terminology for its operation. Furthermore, customization is strictly prohibited, and the company’s operations must rely solely on the software on demand. As a result, the paradigm is appropriate for small-scale deployments.

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Perhaps the main benefit of picking this hosting model is that the client doesn’t need to stress over the product’s support or relocation, which are dealt with by the company. You can also go for Managed Odoo Hosting services.

When should you choose Odoo Cloud hosting?

  • You wish to use it’s core module without making any significant changes.
  • You want simple hosting and migration assistance.
  • You need a plan that is based on the number of users and programs used in various projects.

Odoo Cloud’s Advantages:

The following are the most significant advantages of this Cloud.

  • Extremely easy.
  • Technical assistance from the support team.
  • Support and assistance are available around the clock.
  • Its Cloud Platform is a high-performance cloud platform.
  • There is no limit on how many bugs can be fixed.
  • Security updates are unrestricted.

Odoo Cloud’s Disadvantages:

  • A third-party program cannot be installed.
  • Due to stability concerns, changing the source of apps is not permitted.

If you’re searching for the most support from a managed Odoo hosting service, go no further than soladrive.com.

2. Odoo. sh

Odoo.sh is a cloud-based ERP application created particularly for Odoo/OpenERP end users. Odoo.sh is only available in the Enterprise Edition and only if you’ve requested an online subscription to use an Odoo instance; the server infrastructure is free. The Odoo.sh cloud platform is a more customizable solution that allows you to integrate third-party software.

Flexible and revolutionary company processes are possible with an ERP system that integrates cloud computing services and platforms. It is the cloud that offers enterprise-level security and compliance compared to its on-premise. The entire Cloud server is powered by Linux distributions that have been updated with the latest security fixes. It can be installed on various operating systems; however, Linux servers are the most frequent.

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When should you use Odoo.sh hosting?

  • Odoo.sh makes it simple to develop, test, and deploy.
  • This hosting type is recommended if your project is going to be large, with a lot of customization, and multiple technical personnel will be working on it. It simplifies it to team up, split up advancement branches, and union them with arranging and master.

Odoo.sh Advantages

The benefits of Odoo.sh are as follows:

  • Extremely adaptable and scalable.
  • Email server built-in.
  • Third-party modules can be installed from the its Apps Store.
  • Built-in advanced tools.
  • Github integration is available.
  • Continuous integration is aided by your run bot.
  • Management of the branch.
  • Testing that is carried out automatically.

Odoo.sh Disadvantages

  • International internet connectivity in some areas can be unreliable, resulting in unreasonably long latency when your ERP is hosted elsewhere.
  • It is also unsuited for larger projects and systems requiring more complex architecture, such as high-availability systems.

3. Odoo on Premise

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If you own your servers, you can host your system on them. Keep in mind that maintaining the system’s software and hardware necessitates extra resources on your end. Having two separate servers in two exact spots to guarantee your framework is available regardless of whether the essential server area loses power is typically critical to forestall data loss because of equipment failure or a power blackout.

Because managing your server hosting in-house is costly in terms of finance and the necessity for a dedicated server team, this solution is often selected exclusively by large corporate firms with appropriate internal resources.

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When should you use on-premise hosting?

This is dependent on the company’s/security enterprise’s decision. They can choose this hosting type if they want to retain the server in-house and can hire a technical expert to administer it.

Advantages of Odoo On-Premises Hosting

On-premises services have the following advantages.

  • Installation has complete control and autonomy.
  • Any app, whether certified, third-party vendors, or newly designed, can be used by the user.
  • Customization of source code is possible.
  • Unique business processes require a customized ERP system.
  • Odoo partners assist.

Disadvantages of Odoo On-Premises Hosting

  • When compared to Odoo Online hosting, there is an additional expense required.


Before you start using it, you’ll need to decide on your hosting environment, and you have a complete choice. If you’re looking for a standard program that’s simple to set up and manage, Cloud is the finest option.

You can also use its On-Premises, but you must ensure you understand what you’re doing. We strongly advise contacting one of our partners if you wish to use it On-Premises without any technical experience. Finally, Odoo.sh is the ideal option if you want a customizable solution with fantastic development tools and no system administration headaches.