Virtual Reality – VR Glasses How to use

To become the hero of your favorite game, fly to Mars, descend to the bottom of the ocean, climb to the top of Everest, attend a rock concert, walk around the house of your dreams or simply try on shoes from an online store… without leaving your home – today this is not a fantasy, but reality. Virtual reality provided by VR glasses.

Incredible, isn’t it? Want to try it? Then this guide is for you.

What are VR glasses?


VR glasses are a specialized device capable of simulating various audiovisual three-dimensional spaces. It consists of a plastic (rarely cardboard) case, a screen with a partition and aspherical lenses, which focus the image. The effect of presence is created thanks to the transfer of an adaptive picture to each eye separately and tracking of all head movements with a gyroscope sensor and accelerometer.

Additional equipment is used for full user interaction with virtual reality elements:

  • a magnetometer is a kind of compass that improves orientation in 3D space;
  • magnetic button — expands the user’s capabilities during the game (for example, it can serve as a trigger in shooting games or a speed booster in car races);
  • motion controller — allows the user to directly participate in the game and interact with objects;
  • remote control — allows you to control the built-in video player and significantly expands the functionality of VR glasses;
  • headphones – provide full “immersion” in virtual reality;
  • microphone — allows you to enter information by voice and communicate with other users; external sensors of orientation in space – placed in the corners of the room for better tracking of movements in virtual reality.
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Where you can use virtual reality glasses?


VR glasses are mostly used to watch 3D videos and create the effect of presence in VR games. But if we dig deeper, we will see that there are many areas of application. Let’s consider the most promising ones.

Virtual travel 

To visit the most remote corners while lying on the couch is the dream of many. Especially when you don’t have a lot of money in your pockets, but you want impressions. VR glasses will allow you to walk the streets of famous cities, see masterpieces in museums or sit on the shore of a warm sea in a cold winter. These interactions use artificial intelligence to place you right on location.


Thanks to augmented reality gadgets, the learning process can reach a new level. Agree, studying human anatomy, the movement of cosmic bodies, the construction of geometric shapes, the structure of atoms and molecules is much easier when you can feel everything with your hands and examine objects from all sides. In addition, you will be able to experience the vicissitudes of important historical events. Google is successfully promoting the Cardboard project in educational and medical institutions. We think that soon other companies will join the initiative.


VR glasses can significantly facilitate the work of doctors and help in the treatment of various phobias. There are already confirmed facts of virtual consultations with patients and experimental treatment of mental disorders in the USA using Google Glass technologies.

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Design and construction 

Even the most elaborate project cannot show the customer everything that the engineer, architect and designer wanted to show. VR glasses will allow you to create a house, the interior of a room in volume, giving the opportunity to consider everything from all sides. You can go even further and offer the client to arrange the furniture or paint the walls. We dare to assume that such approval of the project will please both parties. Developers will be able to test the products in the virtual space, make adjustments if necessary, and only after that start implementing them in real life.


Virtual reality expands the horizons of communication, if it did not sound absurd. For example, you can hold a meeting in a virtual conference room, work together on architectural, engineering, and any other projects, or remotely control probes, machines, and robots. By the way, the MasterpieceVR application already knows how to create 3D objects that can be worked on by a whole team.

Mass events 

Virtual reality glasses can also solve the problem of expensive tickets, conflict situations and limited places for mass events. Because with their help, everyone can feel the effect of being present at a sports match or a concert of their favorite artist, sitting at home. For example, CNN has already broadcast the Democratic presidential debate in VR format.

How to use virtual reality glasses?


Using VR glasses is quite simple. You only need to download and install special applications on your device, which will become a guide between you and the interactive imaginary world. By the way, the Meta Quest is quite easy to use. There are:

  • Universal catalogs of VR content on the Quest Store, Steam VR, and Google Play. Accessories are suitable for most models of glasses.
  • Specialized content services from manufacturers, for example, Steam VR, Google Cardboard, Oculus VR. They are intended for glasses of the corresponding brand.
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A little about Meta Quest VR headsets


Meta has created various Quest 2 accessories with care for the health of their users that help keep your eyes safe. You can always find gadgets and ARVR Tips on that will help you to dive into your VR headset

Meta Quest Oculus VR is such a tidbit among the giants of the tech world that it has been taken over and merged with other industry-leading startups about five times. And this is not counting litigations for intellectual property and those cases that have not yet been “proyuzali” in the press.

Unlike earlier models, Quest 2 definitely attracts with its impeccable optics. Not every screen is yet capable of offering such an extension, and a fresh wireless helmet supports almost 4K picture. Cutting-edge quality and optimized 3D graphics come together to never leave. And do not forget that all 360 degrees are an unsurpassed spectacle!