Speech on Blood Donation

Speech on blood donation

Blood donation is one of the most significant contributions that one can make towards society. It is not harmful to an adult to donate blood since his body can regenerate those cells within a few days. Moreover, it does not possess any threat to the metabolism of the body. Blood donation can be considered as a big contribution to the whole life of people.

Needs of blood donation  

People need blood for various reasons. Some of them are listed below

  • They suffer from certain kinds of diseases and thus they need blood. These include anemia or one may have undergone surgery or met with an accident.
  • Sometimes patients die due to a shortage of blood in the blood banks.
  • There are a different groups of blood such as A, B, AB and O. The blood required must belong to the same group for the proper health of a patient.
  • People with O group are known as universal donors, i.e., they can donate their blood to all the above-mentioned groups.
  • People with AB groups are known as universal recipients, i.e., they can receive blood from any of the above-mentioned groups.

Advantages of blood donation

The advantages of blood donation are:

  • We can save someone’s life by donating blood. It is a very noble thing to do.
  • After donating the blood, our body regenerates new blood cells within a few days. It is thus a healthy process. The body gets freshen up and can end certain health problems.
  • During any type of accident, people need blood and it is not always available in the blood banks. Thus, regular donation of blood must be encouraged.
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This is why a large number of blood donation camps are held. It encourages people to donate their blood and save the lives of people who are in desperate need of it.

Certain tests are performed on the donor before they donate blood. It is because; the donor may be anemic and donating blood is not a healthy option for them. The donor may also carry certain diseases and they are unaware of it. It is thus very safe to perform these tests. They check the quality of the blood. It is their primary duty to check if the blood is infected. A person with infected blood cannot take part in a donation. The professionals will also check the iron content, hemoglobin, cholesterol, etc. If everything is positive then one can donate blood.

Blood donation is our duty as fellow human beings. Our body does not get affected due to donation and the loss is recovered within a few days. We should thus come forward and donate blood as it can help a certain individual to see the light of life again. Blood donation is usually painless and takes about an hour. One will surely feel at peace after donating because their blood will save someone’s life. This is why the government is taking more steps to encourage blood donation.