Colony Season 4 – Release Date 2024

As of now, every fan has been kept away from the news about the fourth season of Colony. In this article, we will connect you with the answer that you deserve to know: Is Colony coming back for the fourth season?

A Peek Into The Storyline


One of the most loved science-fiction is based on the invasion of Earth by aliens. The sudden arrival of the aliens spreads panic among the civilians. The moment everyone decides to make peace with the invasion, aliens begin to establish their dictatorship. This is when the Bowman family gets separated from their son, Bram Bowman.

Bram Bowman allegedly gets abducted by the aliens on suspicion of him being a member of a group that is fighting the alien invasion. Will Bowman decides to fight back by becoming a part of Redhat’s which is a collaboration of humans and aliens. He is tasked with killing all the members of the Resistance.

Resistance is a group of humans who are secretly working to free their land from invasion. Unaware of the fact that Katie Bowman, wife of Will Bowman, is a member of the Resistance, Will sets out on the mission to kill the members of the Resistance.

After discovering that Katie is a part of the Resistance, Will and Katie join forces to exchange critical information and bring their son back.

The Cast


The three main characters of the Colony series were Will Bowman, Katie Bowman, and Bram Bowman played by Josh Holloway, Sarah Wayne Callies, and Alex Neutaedter, respectively.

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Will Bowman takes up the job to act as a member of Redhat due to his prior experience of working as an FBI Special Agent. Katie Bowman, apart from being a secret member of the Resistance, works as the owner of a New Orleans-themed bar called, The Yonk. Bram Bowman is the teenage son who gets abducted by the aliens. In an attempt to return home, he tries to find a way of crossing the wall and returning home.

When Can We Expect The Release


The creators of the series, Carlton Cuse and Ryan J. Condal, have not announced the expansion of the series in its fourth season. An official announcement was expected to be made; however, USA Network canceled the series on the day it premiered the finale of the third season.

The series currently stands canceled by USA Network as the third season is the conclusion of the series.

Things You May Want To Know About Colony Season 4


After USA Network announced the cancellation of the series, fans went to a hyperactive mode and started demanding the network to come back with the fourth season. While the rough storyline or cast has not been talked about anywhere on the internet, fans have started a petition asking USA Network to bring back the Colony Series with the fourth season. The online petition has collected more than 48,900 signatures till now.

Fans have also requested all the OTT platforms to revive the show. The request has been made in the online petition.

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Summing It Up

Getting separated from family is tough. If it happens because of an alien invasion then the situation gets tense. The creators may seem excited to come back with the fourth season but USA Network is still firm on its decision. We can only hope for an OTT platform to do justice.