Guide On Getting More Puffs From A Disposable Vape

Addiction is a strange thing; it wants you to keep doing the thing over and over again. The same happens when you smoke. The hit that you feel wants you to keep smoking.

However, considering that chain smoking is injurious to health as it has a lot of tobacco, people have moved on to other addictive options that are not so harmful. Vapes are one of them.

Vaping lets you get the hit without putting carcinogens in your body. So, it is not a big surprise if a vape lover does not want the vape juice to end.

They want to have unlimited puffs and want to keep enjoying the flavors endlessly. Well, that’s not possible, but getting more puffs from your disposable vape device is possible.

So if you want more puffs from your disposable vape, this article is for you!

Can You Get More Than The Mentioned Puffs From Disposable Vape?


Many vape brands in the market, like Esco Bar, Hyde, Elf Bar, and more, have varieties of products in terms of puff count. However, a consumer still would want more than the mentioned puff count on the packaging.

The number of puffs mentioned on the packaging is average, considering all the factors are average. The actual count of puffs is different from the one written on the packaging.

Consumers always complain that the puff count is far less than what has been mentioned and would want more puffs. So, yes, getting more puffs from your disposable vape is possible.

However, to achieve that, there are a few things that you will do methodically so that you do not waste any product.

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Tips And Tricks To Get More Puffs From A Disposable Vape


Getting more than mentioned is a thing that everyone wants. It is similar in the case of vapes too. It is possible to get more puffs than the mentioned count if you simply follow the five tips and tricks we have mentioned below.

Purchase Good Quality Disposable Vape

A market is a vast place, and it is filled with many suppliers of disposable vapes. Not all brands you will find online or offline will sell you authentic vape devices. Authenticity is the key here.

If you do not purchase a vape device from a trusted brand, chances are you will neither get good quality juice nor the required number of puffs. They may be easy on the pocket, but divinely not with the money you spend on them.

So make sure to buy vape devices only from brands that are known for their authenticity. A plus point here will be that the ingredients from a trusted brand will not be harmful.

Store Your Disposable Vape In An Cool Place

The way something is stored largely determines the outcomes of the products. If you properly store your disposable vape in a cool and dry place, the vape juice inside will not lose its quality and hence will provide you with a good number of puff counts.

If you keep your vape device shabbily, it might break or leak. This will lead to a lower number of puff counts from the vape device, even when the device is from a very well-known brand.

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Take Short Draws


Understandably, you might want to enjoy the vape juice flavor to the fullest, and thus you take longer draws. However, taking draws for a duration that is longer than required will make the vape juice vanish at a very rapid speed.

Longer draws in no manner mean more pleasure. Hence you are wasting the precious vape liquid by taking longer draws. Try taking shorter draws. You will notice that the feel is the same, while the puff counts that you will get are far more.

Purchase Properly Packed Vapes Only

You might think that just because you are purchasing the vape device from a reputed brand, you are keeping it in good condition, and you are also taking shorter draws and which will make your puff count higher. However, sometimes a tiny mistake can shatter that dream for you,

When you go out to purchase a vape device, or even if you order it online, you need to check if the package is sealed shut and there is the device does not have a crack per se. If the device is opened or has leakage, then chances are that the puff counts will be less.

Do Not Use The Vape At High Temperature

It is a common notion amongst vape lovers that if you use the vape device at a higher temperature, you get a better experience of the vape juice flavor.

While that statement does not have proof, what is certain is that you will be losing a lot of vape juice unnecessarily. A higher temperature will burn the vape juice faster.

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Even if you use an apt temperature that is not too high, you can still enjoy the vape juice flavor perfectly. The added benefit you will get is an increased puff count.

Does Disposable Vape Give More Puff Count Than Rechargeable/Refillable Vape?


It is a forever debate as to which one is better in terms of puff counts, disposable or rechargeable. Well, to break it down, the nicotine levels in both types of vape devices are pretty much the same. So it all comes down to the specification of the product and the way a person uses it.

If you properly use any vape device, you can get a lot of puffs out of it, much more than what is mentioned on the packaging of the product.


To conclude, how you use a vape device is detrimental in giving you more puff counts. If a vape device is not used properly, there are chances that the puff counts might also be less than the mentioned number.

So ensure to use good quality vapes which are in good condition. Also, try to use the vape device at a normal temperature. Plus, if you take shorter draws, then you will take time to finish off the vape juice.