Example Wedding Anniversary Speech for Wife by Husband

Wedding Anniversary Speech for Wife by Husband

It is a wonderful occasion tonight and I thank you all for being a part of our celebration. Tonight we are gathered here to celebrate our wedding anniversary and I am going to deliver a speech for the better half. Weddings are great occasions at grand locations, filled with beautiful dresses, incredible food for our loved ones, meaningful promises, pomp and ceremony and love shared between those we care about.

Wedding Anniversary Speech

Wedding Anniversary Speech

Each year after the wedding there are the smaller important days related to the big day known as wedding anniversaries. Wedding anniversaries are as special as the wedding day, for they are constant reminders to the couples that they have forged a solemn union and are bound by love. They too are celebrations that our relationships grows stronger with time and our anniversaries mark the growth in our bonds.

Off the record I can say as lovely as you looked in your wedding dress, you in your old pajamas makes my heart skip a beat.

In the sage words of Martin Luther King:

“There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage”.

Wedding anniversaries are not necessarily celebrated annually but one may even celebrate six months anniversary. On our anniversary today, I wish to gift my wife a piece of jewelry, clothing, or something that she likes and brings smiles on her face for I have learned when she is happy I am happy.

An anniversary is a perfect time to make a speech expressing my true feelings and admiration for her. I hope it will make my wife fall in love with me all over again. She does love my little gestures. I sometimes wish to surprise the love of my life with two tickets to ( event or theatre ) or cook dinner for her.

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And I am lucky to have cooked thousands of dinners for her.

You, my better-half, I wish to play the video of our wedding for you and refresh those small lost memories because if you are like me how can I forget many of those memories. We both would cherish these moments later in life.

Our wedding anniversary is a good chance to make up for past doubts and worries and start afresh. We have remained loyal to each other even when trials and tribulations have befallen us. We must make every effort to enjoy our relationship and shared experiences. A candlelight dinner and long walk under the silver moon will do wonders for us and don’t worry tonight we will do it.

Wedding Anniversary Speech

Wedding Anniversary Speech

So let us make our wedding anniversary all about us though thank everyone in attendance.

On this special day let us dance and make merry as we did when we first met and carry that spirit with us 364 days of the year. Our anniversary is as joyful as the wedding once was and it’s great to share it this evening with friends and well-wishers once more.

This special day of ours should be anything but a normal day so let us enjoy it together! Happy Anniversary, my dear wife!

Thank you