Speech on Unity is Strength

Our human civilization is founded on this very evidence that strength lies in numbers and without our inseparable belief in, “unity is strength”, none of us would likely be here to even talk about unity. Humans have always been stronger hunters and knowledge sharers when united.

Speech on Unity

Unity Speech

Ever since the first towns were established around 8000 BC, it soon became evident that we all need to stick together to better protect ourselves from various predators and enemies.

We learned it’s easier to co-operate with each other to meet life’s daily challenges, be it hunting for water or sourcing food and distributing the bounty. It is important that we realize in this modern world of ours the challenges we face today are quite different from the ones our ancestors faced. Now we stand on the shoulders of our forebears who suffered to improve humankind’s way of life. Today, we still strive to improve the quality of life of humankind.

Mesopotamia is one of the earliest examples of humans uniting to form towns. They benefited from the unity of humanity. It is the place of the earliest developments of the Neolithic Revolution from approximately 10,000 BC. It has been identified by archeologists as having inspired some of the most important progressive steps in human history, including the invention of the wheel, the development of the cursive script, and the planting of the first cereal crops.

  • We cannot exist as an island, we have to learn to trust and depend on others, and only as a group,  we can overcome some of the challenges that face us today. Think about it, when was the last time that you had ever taken part in any team building activity or even attended a workshop on unity?  Granted that we all have busy lives but irrespective of that, it’s a good idea to develop team-building skills so that in times of need, we can stand together rather than stand apart. It is important for us to develop relationships with people, build trust with those who in turn trust us so that we can remain united in the face of extreme adversity and challenges.
  • As adults, we should already have picked up these skills by now and started forming relationships and bonds with others of similar persuasion. With students, it’s an adult’s job to show them how to forge bonds in the name of unity so challenges can be better faced and conquered. It’s never too late as there are team building workshops. Try typing the query in search engines so that you can enroll in and learn about the value of unity and why as a society, our very survival depends on all of us coming together to address various issues, even introduce new ideas and in the process, help our society to evolve into something better. Additionally, you can also inculcate your kids with some of these important lessons so that they learn early enough about the value of unity and why there is strength in unity.
  • There are various games that you can use for this purpose like Lego. Choose a castle or a large building that needs cooperation and begin to forge unity skills. Twenty years later you may be putting those skills to good use, putting together a wardrobe or drawers. Don’t exist on a separate plane; we are all inextricably interlinked with each other which is why it is easy for us to build strong bonds and relationships within a short space of time. Take your morning walk for example; remember the many familiar faces you waved to the previous trips. Spend some time, get to know them and you may find them interesting enough to develop a long-lasting relationship with some of them.
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Every new relationship you form can only help to serve you to overcome the challenges you face in life, that’s why the saying:

“United we stand, divided we fall,” makes a lot of sense even today.