Speech on Family

It is a fact that one of the most endearing aspects of being a human being is our innate ability to connect with others and form bonds with them, some of these bonds are lifelong and can define us, as to the sort of persons we are. So when it comes to the question of family, it is important that we understand the pivotal role that a family plays in our development, both physical and emotional, and in our quest to achieve our true potential. This begs the question, did humans evolve and the concept of family was founded later, or was it the other way about?

Speech on family

Do families continue to play an important role in our development? That brings us back to the concept of the core family; each one of us must have one with a mother, a father, and a few siblings designed specially to drive us up the wall. While most of us do enjoy a strong and healthy relationship with our respective families, the fact remains that some of us do not for a variety of reasons, and what about those who are either orphaned or had been given away for adoption? Does this mean that all those who have not had a healthy relationship with their respective families or have not had the pleasure of being in one and grew at an orphanage are developmentally weak?

No, not really – not when you consider the fact that some of our greatest achievers’ – from scientists to others had a less than cordial upbringing and were either orphaned at a very young age or had an unusual relationship with their family members.  But it is a fact that developing a healthy relationship with others, especially with family members is crucial to one’s well-being. As most child psychologists would tell you, the important persons in a young kid’s life are his family for they are the ones he looks up to. In essence, families are the ones to teach you core values and show you how to handle everything which is why families continue to play an important role in society today.

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But as for the other question concerning families, it is an evolutionary fact that we are all descended from apes, and guess what, apes form a close-knit community so in an essence we had evolved along with the concept of family, being genetically ingrained in all of us. If your parents are still an important part of your life along with your siblings, then you may want to consider that you are lucky you still have a family who loves and supports you no matter what. When it comes to family, we have this tendency to take them for granted.  The fact remains that everyone takes everyone else for granted at one point or another, but when it comes to family, it is time you realized how important they are and the crucial role they play in your life. So the next time you meet up with them, you may want to surprise them with an “I love you” or a gift, whichever works better.