Speech on Food Additives and Unhealthiness

When it comes to food additives, you would be surprised to know that even the common potato chip comes loaded with the same. So the next time you eat a snack or stop at a café to wolf down a burger, you may want to pay attention to what you are eating. Processed foods, from chips to juice, often contain additives in the form of artificial food coloring agents, preservatives to make it look more attractive and to enhance the flavor. While you may think that additives are not a big deal you may want to rethink that again for the simple reason that food additives are known to cause a myriad of health problems, from asthma, obesity to diabetes 2.

Speech on food additives and unhealthiness

Food additives are used today in most food products from high fructose corn Syrup to the rest, and while most consider this to be just sugar, the fact remains that corn fructose does indeed play a key role when it comes to obesity and diabetes. This is why it is advisable that you avoid consuming the same, so the next time you head out to the mall or supermarket to buy a gallon on OJ, you may want to pay closer attention to the label on the bottle. Just review the list of ingredients and if corn fructose is listed, then the drink in question does contain high fructose corn Syrup.

There are other food additives like aspartame which is known to cause anything forms headaches to seizures. While this artificial sweetener does indeed seem to lead to the development of lymphoma, the fact remains that it is still one of the most widely used sweeteners in the market today. You can take your pick, any processed food will contain a certain amount of artificial flavoring agents, including and not limited to preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and more.  This is why you should read the labels on all the products carefully before purchasing them.

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And then, there’s Mono-sodium glutamate or MSG; while MSG is used in a variety of products, the fact remains that some have a developed sensitivity towards MSG. This is why it is vital that you get yourself checked out by your doctor periodically and ask him to run a complete allergy test, to determine if you are allergic to MSG or not. Given all the associated health issues that seem to be caused either directly or indirectly by various food additives, it is a good idea to go for organic food, the sort that does not come loaded with any artificial agents or preservatives. And for juice, well, a freshly squeezed orange juice should work wonders and be tasty as well.

Just keep in mind that your health is important and you need to do some research on the topic of food additives, determine which food products contain what and eat the right sort. After all, you would want to remain healthy and lead a long and fruitful life, sans any health issues, don’t you?