Healthy Eating Out Options That Aren’t Salad

Eating out and eating healthy don’t often go well together. When eating out most of us want to indulge our deepest tastes. But, when you’re on a diet or eating regimen you need to eat healthily. You need to remain focused and do the right thing. In most cases eating healthy while eating out includes doing a fair share of salads. Yes, salads are good. Salads are healthy. We are not going to argue that. But, after a while, they get boring, regardless of the different ingredients. With time all salads start tasting the same.

So, what are your options? Do you even have any? Of course, you do. What you’re lacking is an idea. That is the reason you are reading this piece. Unlike you, we have plenty of ideas. Also, we are more than willing to share them with you. Eating out healthy and eating salads no longer have to go toe to toe. You can do it differently. We are here to lay down numerous options in this department, all of which are healthy and don’t include salads.

Of course, before we switch down to our menu, we have another proposition for you. Instead of looking for dishes, you could try out to find the right restaurant. Have you given any idea before searching for food directly, to look for the best place where you can find wine and dine options that suit your tastes? If you haven’t. try starting there.

If you don’t know where to start maybe visiting this page can help you. It surely can. But, for now, let’s focus on our primary subject. So, are you ready to read about eating out options, healthy ones, that aren’t salad? We bet you are. Let’s start.

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Chicken Platter


This delicious option comes to you from Red Robin. Yes, they’re famed for other fishes but this one does the trick of being healthy and ignoring being a salad. It has that great southern taste that you’ll adore. It suits everyone’s stomach all the same, and you can enjoy it fully considering it’s a healthy option. You can add salad as a side dish, but it is optional, and we wouldn’t do it.

Vegetarian Pizza


One of the ideal options in this department must be Domino’s vegetarian pizza. We are talking about the Pacific version. You’ll simply love the ingredients that they offer.

We’re talking some onions and mushrooms, paired with black olives and roasted peppers, spinach, and some tomatoes. Yes, we know all of these can be found in various salads, but on this pizza, they’re something else. It doesn’t only taste great it is healthy and full of vitamins.

Chia Seed Pudding


These days you can find chia seeds as part of many dishes. They’re healthy and thus have found their way to many dishes. Eating them as a part of the pudding should be an option you need to consider. This is what you want for your breakfast if you’re eating out during that part of the day. As a base, you should look to use almond milk which bodes well with these seeds. Yes, it’s going to be a little bit sweet, but it doesn’t lack anything in the protein, fats, and fiber departments.

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Quinoa Bowl


Yes, we know, it looks exactly like a salad. But, it’s not. Don’t be fooled. If you’re eating out this dish should be your go-to choice for a lunch break. This is food that will make your day enjoyable as it will fill you with energy. Also, it is great if you have long work hours as it remains steady in your stomachs. We’re going to say it again. While it looks like salad it is nothing like one. You are going to enjoy it.

Zoodles Primavera


If you’re eating out at Olive Garden, don’t pass by this dish. This one, paired with chicken or even better, shrimps, is out of this world. If you want to have the full sensation of tastes ask me to give you the basil cream sauce. Other ingredients that this food is created out of include carrots and the unique taste of zucchini, some tomatoes and broccoli mixture, together with mushrooms and red peppers. This is plenty of veggies but as you can see it is not a salad. Adding shrimps or chicken to the mix makes it a full course that you’ll enjoy repeatedly.



Let’s try something that comes from Applebee’s. Have you ever had Blackened Cajun Salmon? If not, add it to your bucket list. Having a fully healthy dish that doesn’t include salad can’t get any better than salmon. The one you can have at Applebee’s is the safest bet you’re going to make. Of course, you are not going to eat salmon only.

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Who even does that? Ideal choices for a healthy meal include adding garlic mashed tomatoes, veggies roasted on the fire, some green beans, and steamed broccoli as a side dish. Try this once, and you’ll have your go-to healthy eating-out meal from Applebee’s.

Chicken Sandwich


As simple as they get. You owe it to yourself to try this product from Wendy’s. The best part is that when eating out you sometimes just don’t want to complicate matters.

This is the best solution. A simple sandwich is a dish for every occasion. Wendy’s offers one of the best solutions in the food market with theirs. To make the best out of it you’re good to go with a few additions in the form of small chilies that come as a side dish to this sandwich. That way you’re going to indulge yourself.

Burrito Bowl


Another bowl, and yet no salad included. We’re talking about the Burrito Bowl from Chipotle. This one is quite a combination. We’re talking about the inclusion of chicken, beans, lettuce, salsa made out of tomatoes, fajita veggies, and some delicious guacamole. As you can see this mixture offers plenty of health in one go. You won’t find too many delicious foods that offer this mixture of tastes and yet ideal results for both your stomach and health.