7 Best Home Theater Projectors in 2024

1. HIPER Cinema D2 Black

Matrix: LCD.

Source: citilink.ru

Another device from the Hyper Cinema brand, but this time more advanced. It supports not only 1280×720 resolution but also a number of other features that affect the quality of the picture.

Hiper Cinema D2 supports HDTV, so watching movies with it is quite comfortable. In contrast to its younger version, the developers have changed the projection distance making it 1-4 meters.

The Wi-Fi module in the device works well enough, which is very useful if you do not have the correct cable for some reason. The weight of 1 kg of the device allows you to comfortably place it on almost any surface. Perhaps the only relative disadvantage of the device can be the possibility to zoom only up to 3 meters. If you want to get an even bigger picture format, you should pay attention to other models.

2. HIPER Cinema A3

Matrix: LCD.

Source: citilink.ru

The model will fit perfectly in small rooms thanks to its projection distance of 1-3 meters. Despite the fact that the device uses an LCD matrix, the image quality it produces is excellent enough for gaming, as Insider Games said. The supported resolution is 800×480, which is standard for this price group.

The peculiarity of the device is its portability. We are used to seeing home projectors bulky and stationary, while Cinema A3 weighs less than a kilogram, so it is very easy to transport. This is useful if there are multiple projection locations in the house, so every move is effortless.

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There are VGA, HDMI, and RCA audio jacks, so there shouldn’t be any problems with the connection. The Hiper Cinema A3 would be a great choice for those who appreciate space and often change viewpoints.

3. Everycom T3S

Matrix: LCD.

Source: yandex.ru


We warned that devices with LCD matrixes couldn’t compete in image quality with DLP, but this case is rather an exception to the rule, as the device has quite a wide range of functions, not being a representative of the premium segment.

The projector is able to broadcast images with a resolution of 1280 × 768; it supports HDTV, smart-TV, and even 3D. In terms of integration into the home theater system, the device is quite adapted.

In addition, there are ample opportunities to connect the device. There are two HDMI slots and one VGA input. But if you do not want to bother with wires, there is Wi-Fi. It works great and without losing quality, being just right next to the source.

4. Acer X1526AH

Matrix: DLPx3.

Source: iponcomp.com

One of the most powerful projectors in terms of image transmission. The device supports 1920×1080 (Full HD) HDTV resolution and has a very good projection distance: from 1 to 10 meters. Given these features, the projector has many options for installation, which will consider all the features of the layout and the best way to fit into a home interior.

With a powerful lens, the projector is able to show images ranging in size from 0.6 to 7.62 meters, which is a pretty good indicator even for its price segment.

It is worth noting that the manufacturer has really taken care of the quality of the assembly and the lamps inside the devices. It lasts more than 10 thousand hours in economy mode, which is almost a record time for home projectors. The quality of the image primarily explains the choice of this model, so the device will suit all fans of home theater.

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Matrix: DLP.

Source: club.dns-shop.ru

An excellent device, both in terms of build quality and durability, as well as image transmission.

The model supports 1920×1080 (Full HD) resolution as well as smart-TV features, so in terms of picture quality and digital capabilities, the device fulfills all the requirements of its price segment.

A nice bonus is also the fact that the kit comes with a Magic remote, which is suitable for control in LG’s smart home ecosystem. The only downside of the device is the rather limited image size of 1.52 to 2.54 meters. If large images are a priority, it is better to choose the Acer X1526AH that we overviewed above.

6. Everycom S6 Plus 1/32GB

Matrix: DLP, battery life: 2 hours

Source: aliexpress.com

Even with the standards of pocket projectors, Everycom S6 looks quite compact, but most importantly – it does not affect the 854×480 resolution of the device.

One of the most important features of this model is the ability to work in smart-TV format. Sometimes, even more expensive alternatives cannot do this.

The device has an excellent projection distance from 0.35 m to 5 m, which makes it suitable for installation not only at home but also in meeting rooms.

On the one hand, it is an excellent option for the money in terms of picture quality and portability, which also demonstrates a good battery life. On the other hand, the projector has rather modest functionality and connects via USB (Type A).

This is an excellent projector if you know exactly what you will use it for. This helps not to overpay for features you will definitely not use.

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7. Nebula Astro

Matrix: DLP, battery life: 2.5 hours.

Source: appleinsider.com

The first thing worth noting when talking about this projector is its futuristic design. The case is made so as to provide several modes of projection. So the device does not need to be rotated in space to change the side of the projection. The projection distance of 0.87 – 3.08 m is comfortable enough for any area and seating.

Speaking about specialization, the device is suitable for integration into a home theater. The projector’s resolution is 854×480, a widescreen mode is supported, so the projector provides one of the best pictures in its segment. The sound of the device is also on a level.

From the nice additional features, there is not only the presence of child protection but also special programs for younger viewers.

Eye Guard Tech proved to be good enough as an eye protector, so the majority of viewers won’t get tired even after a few hours in front of the projector.

Another strong point is its good ratio of battery life to charge time. This unit seamlessly combines functionality, ease of operation, and image quality, so the cost of the projector is well worth it.