How to Pass a Test Without Studying

Tests often determine our destiny in school and adult life. Many of them, such as the SAT or ACT, are built on the principle of picking the right options from the few choices offered. More curiously, a Prep Expert vs Princeton Review battle has broken out over being the only option for preparing students. Besides, these two study programs are very popular, they are not the only ways to prepare for tests. There are a lot of educational sites that offer useful test preparation courses, for example, you can check this one

Princeton Review

The GRE course from Princeton Review competes well with a variety of face-to-face, online, and self-study options. All of their courses include dynamic lectures featuring real instructors taking the class. A virtual whiteboard allows you to see the instructor pointing out how to solve your problems.


Prep Expert

The company offers students several specialized course modules that can help you in certain areas of your home and provide unique additional features. Choices range from courses taught in-person by teachers and online through tutoring plans to self-contained packages.

Ready-made solutions

In multiple-choice exams, you can take advantage of hidden patterns and get a higher score. Universities often put archives of old exam materials with solutions on the Internet, there are also a great many other tests on the web. If you process the statistics for 100 tests, 34 of the school and university, another 66 from other sources – in total they contain 2456 questions.

How to pass a test without studying: Each examination preparer has his approach. Some are seriously concerned with randomizing the answers, while others do not think about this at all. However, the average results of my research suggest that there are some common patterns-and that can be used without knowing anything about the subject matter of the exam.


Know the test format

Before taking the test, you should be well versed in the structure of the entire examination, the types of test items, and the instructions for the items. On the day of the test, this will save you a lot of time reading the instructions and reduce the level of stress that occurs when you have to deal with something you do not know very well.

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Knowing how to write creatively helps a great deal. This skill can be used not only to improve your essays, but also to prepare for exams. Even without studying with the help of a useful source you can pass an examination. The frequent use of extended metaphors is a hallmark of great literary works.

Practice in real-life situations

As you prepare for the exam, you should first practice doing individual sections of the test and then the exam in its entirety on time. If you do not practice for the time limit, taking the real test could have a big effect on your score and final grade. Limited time is a big stressor that you may simply not be prepared for. Test at home how much time affects your score: take one practice test without a time limit and another with a time limit.


Choose practice tests carefully

There are many sites on the Internet with free practice tests. There is no guarantee that these tests are close in difficulty and type of assignments to the official test, or that they simply have not been out of date for a long time. By practicing on such tests, you can come to the exam fully confident in your preparedness. When the real test opens in front of you, you will realize that you have not prepared for everything.

How to pass a final without studying with practice tests? Before choosing practice tests, it is better to start writing an academic essay. Familiarize yourself with the peculiarities of this activity; professional preparation will help you when taking exams. The organization is the key to successful writing, so you need to pay special attention to this aspect.

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Guessing the right answers

When you don’t know the exact answer to a question, or when it becomes obvious that there is no time to find the right solution, you should answer at random. But guessing should be done strategically. For example, if you have to choose the right answer out of four possible answers, the chance of answering correctly is 25%. We exclude the knowingly absurd answer, as well as the answer that almost seems wrong. As a result, you have to choose only 1 answer out of 2, i.e., the chance of answering correctly increases to 50%. After knowingly false answers have been eliminated, you can guess.


Keep in mind the specifics of adaptive tests

If the test taker answers correctly, the difficulty of the following items increases, and if incorrectly – decreases. Naturally, higher scores are awarded for higher difficulty tasks. Therefore, to get the opportunity to solve problems of increased complexity and, therefore, to earn more points, completing tasks at the beginning of each section is not worth the rush.


Prep Expert and Princeton Review offer two of the best SAT and ACT prep programs. You can also prepare on your own. The effectiveness of all of these is virtually the same. Essay preparation, video lessons, and live classes will definitely help you to pass a test without studying.