How to Write a College Application Essay and Get Enrolled in the College of Your Dream

Scores and final grades are an important constituent of the students’ academic success. The truth is that they tell only a part of the story. Grades can never fully evaluate one`s level of knowledge and expertise. For instance, when it comes to the process of entering a college or university, the admission committee usually pays attention not only to students` scores but also to their application essays. Therefore, if you wish to get enrolled in the college of your dream, you need to know how to write a college application essay. This type of writing is a perfect chance for the admission experts to evaluate students` skills, pay attention to their vision and perspectives, and get familiar with their personalities.

It depends on the quality of your application paper whether you make or break the application process. When you write it properly, you can demonstrate and convince the committee that you are worth being chosen. With the help of an application paper, you can share your values and aims, communicate about your personal qualities and character traits, and provide some specific details that will make you stand out of the crowd. If you cannot cope with your application paper at all, you are free to buy custom written essays from our professionals, for more details check .

To provide an outstanding application essay, you need to follow such tips:

  • have an original and personal focus of writing;
  • provide self-reflection illustrations, examples, and other evidence;
  • ensure a logical and structured narrative;
  • adhere to the needed writing style.

To master all these skills, you need to devote enough time to investigating the topic, brainstorming ideas, writing and revising the paper, and then asking for feedback. When asking for help from experts such as you will understand more on how to write a paper correctly and find out a suitable topic.

On the list of tips and guidelines provided in this article, we share a professional approach to admission essay writing.

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Investigate Information about Colleges You Plan to Enroll


It is crucial to look for specific information about the colleges you plan to enroll and investigate the requirements they have. This is the initial step you need to start with as it will help you understand the culture, mission and vision, and values that your wanted college has.

When looking through colleges` websites, you will also get to know how much colleges contribute to the educational process and how they invest into education, how they care for the extracurricular activities of students, what the campuses look like, etc. When you learn information about the college you want to apply for, you can get acquainted with it more closely and then decide if you are planning to study there.

Never Miss Deadlines

One of the frequent reasons why some students are not enrolled into colleges of their dream is that they may be late with the essay admission. Thus, it is not enough to be fluent in writing and to provide well-structured papers – it is also essential to be on time with submission. In late submission cases, the admission committee may reject your essay no matter how great it is. When providing colleges with some information of yours, check what particular documents you need to submit: portfolios, test scores, transcripts, or any others.

There are cases that even after being admitted to the college, you need to send some reports of your finals or midterm scores. So, keep track of the deadline for these documents as well.

Professionals on our team recommend buying a calendar or using an e-calendar for indicating all the deadlines and milestones.

Аdhere to the 5-Paragraph Structure


A college application essay belongs to the standard essay types that take 1.5 pages in length. It usually adheres to the regular five-paragraph structure. Check out how to organize it:

  • Introduction and thesis statement. The opening paragraph contains background information on the topic and emphasizes the main ideas you want to focus throughout the next paragraphs.
  • Body paragraph 1. Contains the first aspect or idea mentioned in the thesis statement. It has to be supported by arguments, illustrations or evidence. It also has to contain your self-reflections on this first aspect of the topic.
  • Body paragraph 2. Refers to the second idea mentioned in the thesis statement and is further supported by thoughts, examples, and illustrations.
  • Body paragraph 3. Pertains to the third idea from the thesis and adheres to the same organizational mode of paragraphs.
  • Conclusion. Reiterate the ideas mentioned before and wrap them up briefly in a logical summary.
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Be Honest

When reflecting on your skills, knowledge, and expertise, you have to be genuine when you tell your own story. It is better not to come up with facts that are not true about you. Please be honest about your success and pitfalls. Specify what particular experiences or features helped you achieve success or correct some mistakes you made. Also, provide some information about your values, how you gained confidence in making your choices, and what out-of-class activities you like to engage in.

Avoid Cliches


When you are preparing for writing application essays, you may want to look through free samples on the net. However, it is not always a good idea since many of those samples are of poor quality. Also, they may even contain some cliched phrases that would repel your potential readers. So, when you are browsing for some templates or examples, at least be picky in terms of the quality of writing you take for inspiration.

Consider that your essay has to be original enough to stand out of the crowd of your competitors. So, come up with authentic and original ways of presenting yourself. Keep in mind that the admission committee has seen dozens of admission papers every day. So, they pay attention to those works that are particularly interesting.

Do Not Summarize

Avoid commenting on every single idea in a summary-like way, for example: «that`s when I learned,» «at that point I realized,» etc. Enable your readers to read between the lines and get the idea from what you write. There is no need to comment or interpret the ideas that are already evident.

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Edit and Proofread before Submission


The final steps are editing and proofreading. These are essential stages before you submit your application paper. Double-check the paper for grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes, as well as typos. Eliminate those flaws and errors that may negatively impact success of your enrollment in college.

How to revise your paper in a proper way:

  • Set aside sufficient time for revision process. Take a break after writing before you start your revision. It will help you take a fresh look at the paper and spot mistakes more easily.
  • Read the revised paper out loud. In the majority of cases, you can find more flaws and errors when you do it. Besides, reading out loud helps you spot punctuation mistakes and also pay attention to fallacies in logical coherence.


Working on a college application essay may be one of the most terrifying parts of your studies since your success depends on how well you organize and complete it. This essay is a way of getting acquainted with the admission committee, sharing some information about yourself and your interests, reflecting on your successes and failures, and demonstrating your writing ability.

It does not matter what focus of writing you adhere to, you share information about yourself. So, share the information that is not provided in your cover letter, transcript or some other admission documents.