6 Tips and Tricks for Improving Your Destiny 2 Gear Score

For many players, Destiny 2 is an very confusing game. Over time, it becomes more complex, as more and more expansions appear. Even long-time players have difficulty understanding. After Beyond Light came out, a system was established that definitely works. All you need to do is know how to make the most of it.

Whether you are a beginner or have been skipping this game for a while, you can reach the maximum power level with a few tricks. Your game is most affected by your equipment, but also by attacks and defenses. As the story unfolds, every activity is important and has power. For example, those with low power should focus on side goals and vice versa.

1. Base power level

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It is important to know what your base power level is. It is not a number that is on your character sheet. It will not be displayed anywhere and will be different from the power level that will be displayed on your character sheet. There are activities that will require an extremely low level of strength from you and many will wonder if they are important at all. However, if you are interested in seasonal or final content then they are very important to you.

2. Master the movement

You need to be aware that mastering the movement is much more important than a good goal. As long as you move in the game, you will stay alive. Although a good goal will take you far, you must be capable enough to reach it. That is why it is necessary to master movements and move like a professional. In that case, the opponents will not be able to hit you while you will be able to defeat them. This is an opportunity to increase uptime in engagements. All you have to do is find a sensitivity and DPI pairing that feels comfortable on the mouse and keyboard.

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Don’t forget that each class has unique movements and abilities, so always be ready for them. Break the expectations of the Guardians who are targeting your head. You will do this by playing with a hard cover like a corner, sliding through the open space and shooting. Before they know what you’re doing there, they’ll be caught. So try to catch them as unprepared as possible. If you allow them to follow your movements, they will do you great damage and you will lose the fight. When it comes to shooting, never stand perfectly still because that’s when it’s easiest to hit you. Always make smaller movements while at rest, because you never know whose target you are.

3. Find higher level equipment

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To increase the power level you need to use all the activities in the game that can bring you new equipment. This equipment will be key to your success, because you will unlock weapons that will make it easier to defeat your opponent or save yourself. Depending on where you are, you can find rich sources of equipment. The good thing is that you can filter equipment sources and so you will be able to see only activities without matchmaking, activities that you find easy or difficult, as well as many other activities. If you have trouble finding such equipment, visit www.lfcarry.com and check a few exotic weapons.

4. Pay attention to details

You will not have to do anything special to reach this level. Gear drops will adjust to your level which means you won’t pick up more powerful weapons if you’re below the limit. You need to do all the campaign missions at the beginning, but pay attention to the equipment. Don’t buy it if it is above your power level. When you do, there is a shortcut to raising the levels. You will succeed by playing Crucible and completing public events.

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You may be able to discover some grinding spots, as you may have before. Back then, there were only a few that would help players reach a goal in just an hour. However, Bungie has rebalanced all areas where this could be done. If you find an area that is an exception, consider yourself lucky. For example, sectors like this would give you some great opportunities. You can get one of them if you kill the boss there, because that way you will earn great equipment in a short time.

5. Do not tie yourself to the equipment

It is important to adopt this advice if you want to progress, because your equipment determines the total power you have. You’ll be constantly changing gear as you go to higher levels, but don’t infuse the lower-powered gear. Although you will probably be tempted to do so, because you really like this equipment, you can lose everything at one point.

6. Accept defeat

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The loss may not be fun, but it is beneficial. It is true that we can learn a lot from him. This usually happens many times when you are at the beginning. Then you learn about new weapons and maps or simply hone a new skill. In such situations, you research and experiment, because you do not have enough experience and knowledge. So loss is a normal thing. Expect to lose occasionally, because you can’t focus as much as possible on acquiring a new skill without diverting attention from other things.

Instead of getting angry at this situation, try to analyze it to learn something new. For example, this way you will understand where you often make mistakes and what you need to work on further. That way, your mistakes will not be repeated, but you will prevent them in the next match. Destiny two has multiple maps, and until you learn something about them you will often have unpleasant surprises. Try to get to know your strategic space so that you are not constantly caught.

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Collect powerful weapons and work on your skills. However, try to learn the maps and get to know most of the areas. Don’t get upset about opponents who were better than you at a certain moment than try to learn a lesson from defeat. Use your loss against them by working on your weaknesses.