12 Instagram Promotion Strategies That Help Make Money

To promote your Instagram in 2024, you need to combine different methods. There are already more than a billion active users on the platform, and it is not easy to surprise them with something.

Therefore, all means are good: launching giveaways, advertising from bloggers, mutual PR and others. Read on to know more – maybe one of the ways described below will bring you more followers than you’ve ever hoped for.

1. Switch to Business Account

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Once you decide to promote your profile, the first step is to switch to a business account. It has functions that are not available on a usual one, such as:

  • Detailed analytics;
  • Opportunity to mention the field you work in, phone number, mail and location;
  • Ability to run ads.

To switch to a business account, go to Settings -> Account and then select “Switch to professional account”. Note that in addition to your username, you can specify a different name in the profile bio. Don’t miss the chance to add it as well, as this will help new users find you.

2. Use Geotagging

Using geotags, you can increase the reach of your posts. How? By adding location, you make sure your post is automatically included in the collection of ones with this tag. Therefore, if a post has a lot of likes and is more popular than others in this specific location, your photo will get to the top and others will see it when they look up your city or area. In case you own a store, café, or something like that – be sure to add the address to your profile. This will make the location popular in the area.

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3. Create Masks

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Masks are another opportunity to get noticed and attract new followers. Certainly, it should be cool and unique. Why not offer the users a beautiful filter, funny lettering, or something more complex? Perhaps, this will take you more time than you’ve planned initially.

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4. Attract Followers from TikTok

TikTok is an excellent platform where one viral video can bring thousands of new subscribers. Some turn to the following method: they cut off the video at the most intriguing moment and invite users to watch it on Instagram. Thus, craving to know the ending, they go on your account.

5. Think About a Lead Magnet

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What is a lead magnet? In simple terms, it’s giving users a product in exchange for something from them (a like, a repost, subscription, etc.). For instance, you may offer a detailed step-by-step guide, a video tutorial, or a course that you’ve developed using your expertise.

In case you are launching one, offer users to get it for free after fulfilling some conditions:

  • Following you;
  • Sharing your post in a story;
  • Opening the link in your profile header.

6. Mutual PR in Stories

First of all, you need to find a blogger who writes about similar topics as you do and has the same number of followers. Offer them a campaign in which you will tell your followers about each other using stories. Just tell them why you think your colleague’s blog is interesting and who it will be useful for. You can organize such campaigns with one blogger each week.

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7. Joint Live Broadcasts

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This type of content helps you get closer to your audience and actually communicate with it. The best thing about collaborative live broadcasts is that they allow you to get new followers fast. In the beginning, you find a blogger with whom you can talk about something engaging and inform your users about the time you go online together.

Take two things into account:

  • The topics of your profiles should be similar – this guarantees you have similar audiences;
  • Write down a joint script – an outline of what you will retell and which questions you will answer.

Be sure to inform your followers about the live broadcast in advance. This gives them more time to take a closer look at you two.

8. Gamification

To make your posts reach the top, you need to increase the subscribers’ engagement. Games help engage the audience – yes, this method can be called too simple, but it works. You can ask followers to find the differences in the photos or offer them to vote for something, using emojis or numbers in the comments. You can also post:

  • A funny quiz or something more serious to check users’ knowledge of a specific topic;
  • Surveys quickly get feedback from the audience. The theme can be anything: from which cup to buy to which outfit to choose;
  • The countdown sticker in stories allows users to keep track of the time until a certain event. It may be a live broadcast, the start of a giveaway, etc.

9. Comment on Posts of Other Bloggers

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Why not show your expertise by commenting on other bloggers’ posts? It is best if you have a good understanding of the matter. Make sure your opinion can catch the interest of other users and your comment will get to the top thanks to their likes.

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10. Run Targeted Ads

Instagram ads are a way to attract the most relevant followers. Target people who are in a specific location, choose their gender, age and interests. To do this, simply click the “Promote” button, select the audience, period, budget, and payment method.

11. Ads From Bloggers

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Another effective way of promotion is to buy ads from bloggers whose audience is relevant to you. Make sure you study their reputation, activities and its results first. Ask bloggers to send you the statistics of their reach, and explore if there are any controversial topics on their page.

12. Launch Giveaways

To make the contest work and bring relevant subscribers, take into account such things:

  • The gift should be your product or service, so you win potential customers;
  • Describing the giveaway, tell users about yourself and the products in detail;
  • Rules for participation should be easy – subscription, like, comment, or tagging a friend.

To Wrap It Up

In this guide, we didn’t mention mass liking and mass following as Instagram may block you for this. Avoid such tactics this way, you won’t know the real number of followers interested in your content, products and services.