How to Style Loafers for Men – 2024 Guide

In general, when talking about fashion, the first thing that comes to mind is women’s fashion and style. However, the men’s fashion collection has been developed almost as much as the women’s. Adapting clothing to a specific situation, as well as combining colors, patterns and materials, is increasingly intriguing to the male part of the population.

However, a gentleman’s appearance is not only given by the wardrobe a man wears, but also by the details he pays attention to. In the first place, there are shoes. Not everyone can wear the same pair of shoes in the same way.

For example, men make the biggest mistake when they dare to combine moccasins with different outfits. It’s not all a matter of feeling, but to look classy, you need a certain knowledge in this sense.

Moccasins are a special pair of shoes with a heel and a slightly rounded tip. They can be made of leather, leather or canvas. You can find them in almost all colors, with or without laces or with or without laces.


One of the most famous brands that make all footwear by hand using a special technique, including moccasins, is Bruno Marc. This brand creates moccasins of different varieties so that every man can find the ideal pair for himself, which will make him an even bigger gentleman. These are quality branded shoes that you can order at great prices. Check out their selection and experience the best shopping at

On the Internet, you can find various bloggers who teach us what is in trend and what is not. Fashion, as you know, is constantly changing, but certain changes do not apply when it comes to wearing moccasins. There are standards to adhere to here. Experimentation with moccasins is more or less not allowed, and if you are not sure if you have a good fit, here are some tips for you. In the following text, we will give you instructions on how to style loafers for men.

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This is a guide valid for 2024.

1. Never wear moccasins with socks


Although we are used to modern fashion combining the incompatible, socks and moccasins cannot be combined for now. Of course, you can wear short socks that pull up to take care of your loafers, but they shouldn’t stick out above your shoes. With moccasins, it is recommended that the ankle is visible.

If you are one of those who like to break the fashion rules and want to wear socks with these shoes, so be it. However, take care of the material and color of the socks. They should not overshadow the beauty of your shoes. So, if you wear socks, keep them in the background.

2. Match loafers with details

It is always a controversy which color of a moccasin to choose. If you want a really elegant look, the best advice is to match the color of the moccasin with the belt, watch or bag. It depends on what you wear on the given occasion. In this way, the color of the moccasin, even the color itself, will stand out even more. Even if you wear a fairly simple suit or plain-colored t-shirt and pants, this way you will enhance your appearance and give the impression that you are a man of style.

3. Color selection


Standard colors for moccasins are black or brown. Very often it happens that these standard colors become boring or outdated. But be careful with that. Moccasins in these colors give the greatest degree of elegance. Also, you can combine these two colors with almost any clothing combination without making too many mistakes. Of course, they are also available in other, brighter colors. Leather-colored moccasins are quite popular. If they are properly blended with the rest of the outfit, they can really look glamorous. However, there is a very thin line between style and total failure in this sense.

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If you’re not quite sure which one to choose, you certainly won’t go wrong with black loafers without buckles or with minimal details. You can wear these moccasins in any casual way, but also at a wedding or cocktail party. In addition to the fact that they go with almost everything, they are almost invisible when they get dirty. The only thing you should pay attention to if this is your breakout is that they should never be worn with a coat or coat.

4. Shorts as an excellent choice

Summer canvas and even hollow moccasins are loved by everyone. You can wear them with or without socks, and they go well with almost any summer outfit. When it comes to shorts and moccasins, most are skeptical that this is OK. We suggest that you try this and we are sure that you will feel great and comfortable. A serious pair of cotton or denim shorts go well with loafers.

However, here too we have some rules that should not be violated. First of all, don’t wear loafers with a pair of slouchy sports shorts. This can look very unflattering. Rule two: never wear long socks with loafers and shorts. No matter how “brave” you are in the fashion sense, do not try this because you will be anything but stylish.


5. Say YES to the blazer

Although moccasins are more or less casual shoes, they still go well with a jacket. We are again talking about summer periods and light comfortable moccasins. Yes, they go great with the jacket, although at first thought it seems incompatible. If you want to feel casual at work or on another occasion, feel free to combine a blazer with these shoes.

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The only advice I can give you in this regard is: you don’t have to button the blazer for a perfect look.

As you could conclude from this text, there are indeed a large number of designs, materials, and colors of moccasins. The choice is so great that you will surely find what you imagined for a certain occasion. Choose moccasins according to your style, but still respect certain fashion rules.

As we have already said, fashion is constantly changing. However, when it comes to moccasins, certain standards persist. If you are not sure whether you will make a good choice, we suggest you choose the darkest possible moccasins of standard colors with minimal decorations. Moccasins do not tolerate experimentation, so think twice before you start choosing clothes.