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6 Benefits of Using Toor Knives for Your Outdoor Activities – 2024 Guide

This is not a call for violence, but everyone should own a good knife. Hear us out. Are you a fan of outdoor activities? If you are great. Even if you aren’t. Owning a knife has more benefits than downsides. You never know when you’ll need its services.

For all of those who love to venture on the outside, owning a knife is a must. Some people are already aware of this fact. For all of you who aren’t, reading this article is a must.

For all of you interested, in the text below, we are going to discuss the six benefits of using Toor knives for your outdoor activities. We’re going to focus on those activities that will require you to use a blade without a doubt. Some of them will be simple activities, while others will fall into more extreme groups.

Either way, owning a good knife is a necessity even in modern times. Back in the day, there was no arguing about it, and men were wearing them tied to their belts like we do our smartphones today. But, enough with the introduction, and get straight to the point.


The simplest outdoor activity that requires a knife. Now, we’re not speaking of the regular barbeque you’ll be having in your backyard. Instead, think of a BBQ that you planned for a while, and that requires you to head to a nearby mountain, river, or any natural reservoir.

Having one of the selected knives from Northwest Knives can make a difference between a poorly cooked meal and a chef’s kiss barbeque. With a proper Toor knife, there is no need to carry anything else from your home.

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You can use it to cut meat, veggies, bread, and anything else. You can even use it to turn the meat over on the grill and cut it afterward when it is grilled enough.


hiking man


If you’re a man of nature, hiking must be on your list of activities. Imagine yourself going through woods, on a trail that wasn’t used for a while. It could be full of branches, weeds, high grass, and anything in between. You’re not giving up? Of course not, you must find your way though.

Having a knife on you can be the difference between success and failure. With a proper knife, you can cut through everything. Natural obstacles won’t pose an issue.

If a situation arises you could even find a wild animal with it. Going on a hike requires a knife. Remember this as a lesson for future adventures. If you want a good companion, you’ll pick one of the Toor knives that are known for getting the job done.

Fishing and Hunting

Do we even need to explain anything in this paragraph? Millions of folks all over the world enjoy these activities. It can be sports fishing or hunting for survival in faraway parts of Alaska, but it can’t be done without a knife either way. You know this much. It can be used in various ways.

Cutting fishing rail, preparing bait, or simply getting a killed animal ready for transport or consumption. Sometimes you’ll need a knife to get a hook out of a fish’s mouth. Hunters and fishermen know that a good knife is a necessity.

If you’re new to the knife world now you know it too. The next time you go out for a fishing or hunting adventure don’t you dare not listen to our advice. Bring a knife. Make your life easier.

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Building a Shelter



Going out in the wilderness means one thing. Sooner or later you’ll have to spend a night out. That’s fine. Don’t be afraid. Millions of people did it before you. There’s only one thing you need to handle. Building a shelter is a must if you’re going to spend a night outside.

Even if you have a tent and a sleeping bag with you, it will require getting around nature and preparing the right spot to lay down your equipment. So, a knife might be an ideal weapon to have with you. Cutting poles and branches with leaves can make a difference between a dry night and one that will get you wet from the rain.

Even if you have a tent, you will need to cut rope or some parts of nature around you. Either way, having a knife will help you.

Preparing Firewood

An essential part of every camping trip. You can’t venture outside making BBQ or spending the night without fire. To make a fire you’ll need firewood. While in some cases it will be lying around, in others you’ll need to cut it directly from a tree or simply make smaller pieces for your localized fire.

The ideal way would be to have an axe. But carrying one around can be too difficult. The next time you’re thinking about a warm little fire on your camping, or a pot of soup brewing while you’re lying next to a fire, or simply a fire that will be below your grill, think first about bringing a knife with you.

A Toor one would be an ideal option, don’t make us repeat ourselves.

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Digging a Hole


Fire and holes bode well when you’re in nature. After all, when lighting a fire you want to localize it when in nature. From time to time, you’ll have to dig holes while in the great outdoors. That’s something all of us have done. It can be for your tent, fire, or sleeping bag.

From time to time all of us need to dig holes. It might be one for pooping and you want to bury the evidence. So, we’re going to assume you don’t have a shovel on you the same way you didn’t have an axe. This is where a knife plays a vital role. Once again!

Bottom Line

We could go on and on, but the results would be the same. Suggestions would be the same. If you’re into outdoor adventures, and you love to venture into nature and wildlife you need a knife.

We’ve just listed the basic situations when you could need one. Many others could rise, and you’re not even aware of them. So bring a knife, and leave all worries at home the next time you go to the great outdoors.