Speech on Positive Thinking

While there are many who may consider ‘positive thinking’ as bunkum, the fact remains that we all need to remain positive in face of the many hurdles that we face in our daily lives. Every one of us faces hurdles and personal hardship that leaves us staggering; we may even view life more bleakly as a result of the same. Chances are that some of us are already depressed at the thought of the various hurdles facing us and may even feel that dropping dead would indeed be a godsend. If any of this sounds familiar, then chances are that you are in the midst of mild depression, and rather than just giving up and curling into the corner, it is at desperate times like this that you may want to resort to some positive thinking and look forward to a better tomorrow.

Speech on positive thinking

That sounds like a sales pitch for selling some ‘positive thinking’ gizmo, doesn’t it? But positive thoughts and actions to help you overcome your depression and can even help bring down your anxiety and stress levels to more reasonable levels. Various studies have been conducted which shows that positive thoughts help the brain to secrete more serotonin which helps to increase the feel-good factor and as a result, helps to alleviate the effects of stress and anxiety. Of course, you could ask whether such positive thoughts are enough to help you deal with the issues you face but no one is claiming that positive thoughts on their own are a magic pill that can help rid you of the various issues that assail you. Rather, positive thoughts help your brain to combat depression, which can help to increase your focus and concentration which should help you think more rationally and plan more clearly when facing these issues head-on.

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In fact, it is not just positive thoughts but positive actions that have a beneficial effect on the human body. You must have noticed the local laughter club on your morning jog; well these groups of people get together and just laugh out loud. Essentially, what they are doing is to help your lungs regenerate by expelling all the bad air, release stress and pent-up tension, and also help increase the serotonin levels in one’s brain. All of this helps to combat depression and stress-related anxiety, so in an essence, positive actions or affirmative actions also have a beneficial effect on your body as a whole.

So the next time you feel that you are sinking fast and cannot handle one issue or the other, it may be time to check out for ‘positive thinking’ seminars or just search online for effective webinars on the same. With these thoughts, you should be in a better frame of mind to handle anything that life hands you. Life, as a rule, loves throwing a curveball at others and it’s how you handle the same that can help set the course for the rest of your life.

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