5 Ways to Protect Your Crypto Exchange From Cryptojackers

We are living in the cryptocurrency world now, and we need to adapt to all the changes that this new world brings, some of them being about how to keep up with the latest tech in order to keep our private data safe, along with how to protect the unauthorized use of our computer. The second one is becoming more and more relevant as there are so many new crypto users, and the term cryptojacking is something most people at least heard or read about somewhere. But what is it? Cryptojacking is precisely that, unauthorized use of someone else computer for one purpose only, to mine cryptos.

Now, many would think that this is not such a big deal, but the reality is much different, and the fact that, in most cases, it goes completely unnoticed should be enough warning for everyone. But, how to notice and stop it, and what to do to prevent it? If you are already having these thoughts, continue reading as we will further explain how to protect your crypto exchange from cryptojackers, but if you are familiar with all that and just want more info and advice on how to get the most out of trading cryptocurrencies, check thebitqtapp.com/de/login, and get the best insight on what and when to trade.

1. Avoid opening suspicious emails

Source: teiss.co.uk

It is highly important to be careful with opening emails because this is one of the easiest ways to get scammed, and it is the oldest trick in the book, a mother of all internet scams. Open only the ones you are sure are safe, are from the people you know, and check everything else beforehand. If you receive an email that seems suspicious at first glance, call the sender and check if he sent it to you. If not, ignore it because even the opening itself can sometimes cause damage that is very difficult to repair later. If the mail goes to some other folder than the inbox, always check twice who sends it before any rash decision as it is often a scam that just passed the scam folder.

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2. Install ad-blockers

Let’s be honest, who likes ads? No one. Ads can be pretty annoying while doing something important on your computer but, that is not all as they can also be dangerous. Besides many viruses that can be carefully hidden in them, they are also a perfect place to embed crypto-jacking scripts. Simple installing of ad-blocker can be very helpful and for so many reasons. Its job is not only to make your life easier by blocking all the ads from stalling your work, as some of them can also detect the crypto mining scripts. Remember that installing an ad-blocker is not protecting the computer entirely, meaning that you cannot go and do anything you want without any concern or thought, but it can be a crucial step in providing protection, and today, anything we can do to improve our security, and the safety of our possessions and money, along with our private info and avoid any hacks and scams is more than beneficial. In addition to protecting the computer in this way, you will also not have to deal with annoying advertisements.

3. Avoid installing unreliable apps

Source: makeuseof.com

Many applications are downloaded daily, and although there some we cannot imagine our day without, there are also apps that can be harmful. Cryptojacking scripts can be inserted even through ordinary games that, at first glance, seem very harmless and like they only provide fun. Therefore, it is necessary to examine each application before installation, and you can do that by checking reviews, how the game is rated and whether or not it requires your private info. That is particularly true for those that are free and do not make money in any visible way. That can be the easiest way to get crypto jacked, especially for people who have children, so they don’t check every game a child wants. Reading the app reviews may seem a little boring, but it can save you from cryptojackers, so never skip that step. One can never be careful enough these days, especially with the rise of the popularity of cryptocurrency.

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4. Instruct employees and the IT team

Cryptojacking is not a negligible thing or something not to take as seriously as you can and learning how to recognize it can be crucial. The employees and the IT team need to have exceptional communication to prevent any crypto attack. It means that the IT team is in charge of recognizing even the first signs of an attack and stopping it as soon as possible, preferably before they do any harm. That is why we need constant education and training because there are more and more ways and schemes for cryptojackers to use our computers every day. Preventing attacks is impossible if the employees do not have elementary knowledge about it and don’t know how to recognize the warning signs, but even knowing all that is not enough if the communication with the IT team is inadequate or lacking. That is why sending employees on various courses and educating them on time in order to keep up with the latest news about this can be crucial. One example is that in case employees notice and recognize some of the warning signs of cryptojacking, they immediately inform the IT team, which takes further steps in gaining back the control. One of those first signs may be a decrease in computer performance or/and overheating. It is also significant to explain to them the threats that opening unreliable links or emails can bring. That also applies to private emails that may reach them while they are at work and downloading anything from links that seem suspicious.

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5. Regular system check-ups

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It is one of the most obvious things to do, and you should check-up and clean your systems periodically in order to avoid any other malfunction. Although it is a typical thing to do yet, many still disregard it and forget about it, which can slow down the overall performance and give a false alarm that something is wrong, and if some cryptojacking attack occurs, it can easily be overlooked until it’s too late. Reviewing the apps regularly and deleting those you don’t use, especially those with high system privileges, can be of great help in noticing and reacting on time.