Speech on Science

Science is the crux of human development; no other species exists either on this planet or any other (for want of proof), that has managed to do so much with a single concept of a circle and yet, has managed to accomplish so much with the same. Believe it or not, science has long been in existence ever since we created our very first languages. All it required was a creative spark and that was it – one of the first studied branches of modern science happens to be astronomy.

Speech on Science

It is the fascination that the various heavenly bodies held for us that drove us forward in our quest for knowledge. In fact, one of the earliest astronomical observatories happens to be in Armenia and dates from 6500 BC. To put it in perspective people, we have been busy looking up at the sky for over 7500 years, and if anything, that’s a real commitment on the part of our species.

In fact, it is to science that we owe our development; to divorce science and all its branches from our society would be next to impossible; and to think that we owe all this to evolution only manages to underscore the fact that without science, life as we know it would not exist. Take any item from your home, and you will find that science had a vital role to play in creating the same. It is because of science that we are able to combat some of the more chronic issues that our society faces perennially, from famine to poverty. And the various advances in the field of medicine or for that matter, medicine itself would not exist without science. Science is what keeps this world turning around, well actually it is the centripetal force that makes the earth rotate around its molten iron ore but you get the gist. Science is not just in our blood but actually helps to move it around; today as a species, we have started exploring the heavens and our yearning for more knowledge seems to know no boundaries.

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In fact, it is because of science that we are able to communicate with each other in real-time, share media and pics and even make video calls. All of this has been possible thanks to science and now we are in the process of creating robots that can mimic human behavior and even handle work on a daily basis. This is the digital age and the age of AI; there are various studies that are being currently conducted to see if it is possible to create a thinking program, one that can extrapolate thoughts into actions and be just as creative as its human masters. The world is changing at a fast pace and all of the above is possible, only because of science and the fact that some chose to think out of the box. We have indeed come a long way since we stared skywards at the heavens, for now, we have become advanced enough to want to travel among the stars.