Speech on Success

1. Speech on success

The Cambridge Dictionary perceives success  as: ‘the achieving of desired results, or someone or something that achieves positive results.’ One might find success in small achievements and one might not find success at all even after a series of achievements. Success has become the ultimate goal of life. Nowadays it can feel imperative to be successful in order to stake your claim in this world  – especially if you are a student with the pressure of exams.

Success Speech

Speech on Success

If you fail remember all is not lost. Winston Churchill wisely said:

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”

Persistence and enthusiasm to achieve are half the battle in becoming successful at our chosen goal. Everyone wants to be successful in life. Success can be small or large. A good example is if we create a Mexican dinner for a few friends and the recipe has gone to plan we can call it a success. On a larger playing field if my new business reaches its financial targets in the first year we can say it’s a success. When I pass the exam I set out to pass I am a success. Without doubt hard work is almost always necessary. The old saying you get out of life what you put in is very apt when it comes to achieving success. If you badly want to pass an exam though you’re track record is not good that is not because you are inferior to others. It is most likely one of three problems.

  1. Your exam technique of remembering is failing you.
  2.  You don’t have the correct information in front of you your application is too low.
  3.  you are spreading your memory time too thinly

Seek advice from someone with a track record of passing exams if you wish to pass an exam. Practice your memory capabilities by learning a page at a time. Explain to your teacher you’re worried you don’t have all the notes to pass and ask for a breakdown of every main topic you’ll need to know. Don’t leave memory time too late and always understand the information in front of you and persist until you do understand.

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Lucius Seneca the Younger (c. 4 BC – AD 65), was a Roman was a Roman Stoic philosopher, statesman and  dramatist. His much used quote is as apt today as it was in Roman times:

“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that things are difficult.” Seneca

This quote is useful knowledge because it challenges those who are failing, financially, or in another way, perhaps career wise to take a gamble on success and dare to do something toward success. Sometimes we must experience hardship and poverty to make us appreciate the times when we have a good income. When all of your friends and family are successful and perhaps you feel you are not, put extra hours into your project, the Elon Musk way:

“Work like hell. I mean you just have to put in 80 to 100 hour weeks every week. This improves the odds of success. If other people are putting in 40 hour workweeks and you’re putting in 100 hour workweeks, then even if you’re doing the same thing, you know that you will achieve in four months what it takes them a year to achieve.”

It should be understood that success and satisfaction might not always go hand in hand. If you do not see your achievements as success then you will not be content. If you once said to yourself passing six exams this year will be a success and you achieve that goal, the following year, take a deep breath and remember your achievement and savor that moment. If you once said I want my small business to make $2000 a month and after a few years you achieve it, a year later when your sights are higher, take a deep breath and remember your achievement and savor it.

speech on success

2. Success speech (350 words)

Success, everyone wants it. Many want name and fame for themselves. But what is success really? Is it the big bank balance, a luxurious house and car and a nice paying job? But truly is it so? The real success is lies in achieving good health, enough wealth to keep you filled, happy relationships. If you are feeling you down because you don’t have the material wealth you hoped for, watch the famous video by Motown singer, Nina Simone: Ain’t Got No, I Got Life. Let’s watch it together and I guarantee you will be smiling by the end. Nina starts singing about all the possessions she doesn’t have and then she spends the latter half of the song celebrating her good health and so on.

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If you go through the life history of people that are our ideal and are successful, you will find that they haven’t turned to be what they are just by snapping their fingers. They have worked their way up, fighting difficulties and overcoming the challenges. They sometimes have faced depression and have fought their way over it. Many of us lose our hope and dreams when hit by depression or despair. We give up and stop fighting for our dreams. Is it the way to the success that we seek? No.

Everyone goes through a sad phase of their life; everyone knows sorrow and have experienced it. Life throws lemons at everyone. But successful is the one who knows how to turn lemons in their favour and enjoy it too. Successful is the one who knows how to get over the grief and fight for what they really want.

There is one thing that you must leave behind if you really want to taste success – excuses. The excuses are the failure’s way of dumping their faults on you. If I failed once, we must learn to take responsibilities and learn from our mistakes. Instead of making excuses, we must think of the way to win over the reasons for our last failure.

Another thing that pulls us away from the success is our fear. Before we begin, we face a lot of doubts. What if we don’t succeed? What will people say? What if problems come? We often let go of the opportunity in such doubtful conditions. Instead, we must fight our fears, take chances and do whatever it takes in our power to be where we want to be with in reason.

Success Speech

Speech on Success

3. Success speech(300 Words)

Speech on Success

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Success can be referred to as the realization of any particular aim or achieving any previously set target. Success can also be described as to how some adverse situations can be turned into a favourable one by fighting through it. In reality, it is almost impossible to describe what success specifically is. There might be several definitions of success and different persons may have different viewpoints about success which is why it becomes difficult to be exactly defined.

One thing is to be remembered here is that success does not come without hard work and dedication. Thus, both hard work and dedication are the two pillars that help to achieve success. Our inner potential is developed to the fullest only with the help of consistent hard work which can propel us towards excellence in any field. Hard work basically has the capacity to transform destiny. For example, we can see that hard work helps an average student to transform into extraordinary. It helps an athlete to preserve in a race and ultimately wins it. Hard work always keeps us prepared to face any adverse situations and get out of it to finally achieve success.

Success is hard to achieve but not impossible. So, it becomes extremely important to focus on the target and select the proper way of realizing it. Elon Musk once said one of the hardest things to achieve is to know when an idea is worth pursuing with everything. One important point is to be stressed  is that the choice of the target and the effort taken to achieve it should be enjoyed. This basically means that if one wants to achieve something that we truly love and not because it is just to be achieved, then no amount of hard work or pressure will seem to be tiresome. Thus, if one falls in love with the mission, it becomes much easier to achieve success.