Top 5 Tastiest Steaks

Steak has been a highly indulgent and luxurious meal for many years. It is a highly decadent and flavorful cut of meat that tastes delicious when it has been cooked to your liking. The versatile cuts of meat are enjoyed in many ways by a range of cultures.

It is one of the reasons why so many people fail to commit to a vegetarian diet, and the meaty texture is unmatched by a lot of alternatives. Ensure that you truly allow yourself to indulge by finding the perfect steak that is tasty and easy to prepare.

It is a highly tasty source of protein that keeps our body functioning properly and can contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Steak can be a crowd pleaser during warmer weather because it does not take much time to prepare at all. This is usually due to the cut of meat and the thickness. Make the most out of your next grill out by cooking some tasty, flavorful steaks for everybody.

However, there are a range of steaks that differ in their texture, thickness, and overall taste that you may not be aware of. These are some of the tastiest steaks to look out for when you are eating out.

1. Bavette Steak


Known under many names, the bavette steak comes from a well exercised part of the cow, which makes it extremely tender. This cut is often confused with flank steaks because of the similar place it is taken from, but a bavette steak has the fat marbled within the meat. This makes for a mouth watering taste when it is cooked correctly.

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Because the grain and muscle fibers are a little different to other types of steak, the bavette steak stands out for its impressive ability to soak up any rubs or marinades. The flavors can reach far deeper than any other cut.

One of the reasons why the bavette is less commonly known is because you usually get around 2-4 pounds from each animal. This means that they are pretty difficult to find, and it could be worth speaking with different local butchers to see where you can find one.

Check out this link for more information including how to prepare your bavette steak, as this can contribute to the steak’s overall texture and flavor profile.

2. Rib-Eye Steak


From a slightly different area, the rib-eye steak is a crowd pleaser. This is because it is extremely juicy caused by the increased fat content surrounding the meat. Rib-eye steaks hold a great deal of flavor, and they take very little time on the grill, which makes it a perfect choice for feeding larger groups.

Because they already have a beefy, juicy flavor, you will not need to heavily season your rib-eye. Simply finish with a little salt or pat of butter when they are resting, and you will have a great tasting steak that didn’t require a great deal of attention to prepare.

3. Tenderloin Steak


Getting its name from the place that it is cut from, the tenderloin steak is one of the least exercised places. This makes it the most tender part of the animal, and has a decadent, buttery taste without any seasoning.

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Also known as Filet Mignon, tenderloin can be found in oblong shapes ready for roasting, or in smaller steaks. However, the steaks are a highly desirable because of their very fine-grained texture and unique shape.

These are some of the slowest steaks to fully cook, because of their thicker cut. However, tenderloin steaks are absolutely worth the investment of time that is required as they create a delicate and mouth-watering taste as soon as you take a bite.

4. Hanger Steak


Getting its name from the place on the animal, hanger steaks are V-shaped sets of muscles that have a very similar taste to a flank steak. It is also known as ‘butcher’s steak’ because they would traditionally keep it for themselves.

This steak is extremely tender, and comes from the second most tender location on the animal to the tenderloin. It can be seen in Mexican cuisine, or presented as ‘bistro steak’, and can be found in many restaurants.

However, hanger steaks are a little challenging to find, as the majority of cuts typically go straight to restaurant chains. Make sure to keep a look-out for this tasty cut which goes by many names when you are looking to try something new.

5. Porterhouse Steak


While it has a similar ‘T’ shaped bone, porterhouse steaks are different to T-bones. Porterhouse steaks are usually slightly thicker, and contains more tenderloin than most T-bone steaks. This is because they are taken from the back of the short loin, which contains the thickest layer of tenderloin.

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While it has a very similar taste to a T-bone, you typically get a little more meat for less money when you choose a porterhouse steak. Regardless of whether you want to eat out or cook for yourself at home, porterhouse is a tasty, more affordable steak that is certainly worth a try.


Steak is a highly indulgent meal for many people who enjoy the luxurious flavors that it provides. There are a huge variety of steaks to compare and choose from that it can be difficult to know where to start. That is why the options above are highly tasty and have their own profile of flavors.

Make sure that you impress your next dinner guests with a cut that is cooked to perfection that they may not have heard of before. Depending on what type of cuisine you want to prepare, and your favorite spices and herbs that you would like to use, make sure that you find the right steak for your preferences.

Ensure that you are getting the perfect steak that takes on flavors from spice rubs and marinades easier by comparing the different textures of steaks and speaking with your local butcher. It could also be worth speaking with multiple butchers in the area to see whether they agree on a particular steak for your intended cooking method or marinade.