Can You Travel The World Using Only Cryptocurrency?

Isn’t it appealing to travel the world with only one currency? Can you picture not having to carry physical money in your wallet? One of the most lucrative advantages of cryptocurrency is that you can use it from any device, anywhere on the planet.

Even if you misplace your actual wallet, your cryptocurrency coins are safe and secure in your virtual wallet. As a result, when traveling, cryptocurrency is one of the most convenient methods of payment. Apart from pizzas and real estate, cryptocurrency may be used to purchase plane tickets, rental vehicles, and hotels.

Who is Felix Weis and how is he an inspiration?


Felix Weis, a software developer, earned a reputation for himself in the crypto community by going across the world in 18 months using just Bitcoin as a currency.

Weis began his journeys on January 12, 2015, by purchasing an international travel railcard through, which is now defunct but once promised consumers the ability to buy anything online using Bitcoin. Customers would simply enter the URL link and pay for their product/service using Bitcoin through all4btc!

Weis would educate people and show them how to build a Bitcoin wallet when traveling to poorer nations with poor economies. Weis not only visited the world to learn about cryptocurrency acceptance in the real world, but he also educated others and generously donated to towns and foundations along the route through fundraising, tipping, and lecturing.

When Weis needed cash for a specific reason, such as a hotel deposit and didn’t have a credit card, he utilized the website LocalBitcoins to discover local people willing to convert his BTC for fiat money.

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According to Weis, the most challenging part was eating out in restaurants or cafes because so few, far less than now, accepted Bitcoin. Weis had a handy app on his phone that let him find places that accepted crypto.

Felix Weis is delighted to declare that in 2016, he successfully used Bitcoin as a global currency to conduct business in 27 different nations, including purchasing, trading, and peer-to-peer exchanges.

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How To Travel Using Cryptocurrency?

Purchasing plane tickets


Every journey begins with the purchase of a ticket. You can use a variety of travel agents and airlines to do so right now. There’s in California, in Spain, airBaltic, Latvia’s national airline,, and Japanese Peach Aviation to book tickets.

To pay with Bitcoin, simply change the currency to BTC and select your flight. Crypto nomads who despise delays might check out Fizzy, a customer-facing platform that provides intelligent contract-based travel insurance. Your claim will be processed automatically if your flight is delayed.

Reservations for lodging


Finding a room or an apartment is not difficult. Most travel services that accept cryptocurrencies for ticket bookings also have lodging choices.

Both CheapAir and Destinia are excellent options. Expedia is another option; while it does not accept Bitcoins for flights, it is more crypto-friendly for hotel bookings.

Another alternative is to purchase a gift card through the platform and spend it at the website, which has over 150,000 hotels registered on it worldwide.

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There are other Bitcoin-friendly Airbnb-type services like 99Flats and CryptoCribs to travel the world. The home page of CryptoCribs declares, “Pay using crypto. Isn’t it inspiring?”

Going out to eat


If you rely solely on crypto for your existence in a foreign nation, eating out is one of the most difficult daily tasks. It was the tricky part, according to Weiss, because Bitcoin-accepting supermarkets and restaurants were few and far between.

A decent rule of thumb is to utilize CoinMap to find local restaurants and cafes that accept cryptocurrency. Some worldwide and regional chains, such as Subway and Suryawanshi, claim to accept Bitcoin payments in India. Before you go, double-check that those locations are still open and that you have the most up-to-date information.

If you don’t have access to a crypto-friendly store or restaurant, spend some coins on food coupons on Gift or eGifter websites. You may always employ an exchange service as a last option or make friends with local crypto aficionados who could ask you out to dinner.

Car rental


If you want to travel by automobile, keep in mind that sites like Expedia, CheapAir, and Destinia can help. Even particular services allow you to pay for your leased car with Bitcoins and guarantee ‘instant, seamless and assured’ transactions. Furthermore, you will not be required to provide a great deal of personal information in order to do so.

Meet New People


The best part of traveling is meeting new people from all over the world. So take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to speak with like-minded people from all over the world! Attending a crypto meetup and sharing the sense of belonging that comes with owning and utilizing a specific coin would be enjoyable. Some compare the crypto community to a subculture like surfing, but it is likely to have deeper relationships because crypto enthusiasts believe they own the network.

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Important Security Reminders


When traveling the world with crypto, it’s also worth noting a few security precautions.

  1. To begin, make sure you have money in various hot wallets, either online or on your phone. It implies that if an exchange is down or unavailable for whatever reason, you can still access funds in another wallet.
  2. Second, utilize 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) for all your wallets and exchange sites — this can serve as a helpful indicator if someone tries to log in as you elsewhere, and you will receive an email or SMS alert.
  3. Finally, you should keep the majority of your money in a cold hard wallet. Keeping vast sums of money in an online hot wallet, which is more exposed to malicious attacks, is not a good idea.


Traveling with crypto and nothing but crypto is still tricky, but the world is becoming more accepting of it every year. Taking care of your digital security is something you should never forget. Separate your cash, safeguard your web wallet with 2FA (2-Factor Authentication), and take other precautions. We’d also advise bringing some fiat money with you just in case.