5 Things You Should Do if You Have a Weak TV Signal

We all know how frustrating it can be when our TV has a weak signal or when it stops working. We live in the 21st century and we should be able to watch TV without interruptions. Your TV may have bad pixelation, or you may notice some of the channels are missing. The days of a weak TV signal should be a thing of the past. Anyway, before you get upset about it, you should know there are some things you can do to fix the situation. Here are some of them:

1. The aerial should be installed outside, at the highest point

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If your aerial isn’t installed outside of your house, you should change that. If you have an aerial in your loft, the roof will likely be disturbing the signal. And you will have some TV interruptions that will bother you. Luckily, you can solve this just by placing the antenna outside. Aerial is usually positioned on the chimney. That is because the signal is the best when the aerial is positioned high enough. That prevents various barriers from interfering with the signal. If the aerial is placed at some lower point at the roof, you may experience trees or houses disrupt the connection. If so, bad pixelation might occur, and it is even possible for channels to shut down completely. One of the things you can do in these situations is to re-aim your aerial and position it high enough. Lifting it by just a few inches, you may notice a big difference in the signal. Another thing you should keep in your mind is that the aerial should be placed as stable as possible. Make sure it has an adequate stand and the wind won’t blow it off the roof. If it’s not possible for you to place the aerial on your roof, the loft will be a good alternative. Just make sure you aim for the highest point you can reach because it will give you the best possible signal. Just make sure you aim for the highest point you can reach because it will give you the best possible signal. You can also go for professional aerial installation service from AerialForce to install your aerial correctly

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2. Higher gain TV aerial should be considered

If your antenna is installed outdoors, this is usually not so important, but in some situations, you should consider a TV antenna with a higher gain. For example, but if you live in a small suburb, and your TV signal isn’t that good, higher gain TV aerial could be a good solution. Also, if you plan to have more than two TVs receiving the signal from one antenna, you should consider a higher gain TV aerial. It differs from a standard antenna in that it is more complex and contains more elements. These features enable receiving much better signal than usual and fully enjoying the TV program.

3. Install a signal amplifier

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If you notice your TV signal is weak, you can also think about installing a signal amplifier. It can be placed between the antenna and receiver, and it does exactly what the name says, amplifies the signal for a better TV experience. The signal amplifier also has multiple outputs for as many TVs as you have at your home. You can connect each one of them and enjoy having an optimal TV signal instead of continuously having nervous family members complaining they can’t watch their TVs in peace. And the best part of these signal amplifiers is that they increase the signal quality as you add up more TVs. It goes against the logic, but that’s how it works. The more, the merrier! This small feature can work great for families with many kids having their own rooms. Now everyone can enjoy their favorite cartoons and TV shows before bed wihout fighting and screaming.

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4. Be sure to align the antenna after the storm

It is common to have a weak TV signal during bad weather. A storm can make your channels have a fuzzy picture or even completely disappear. And this isn’t something you should worry about. Most of the households experience the same thing. The best way to handle this is to settle and wait for the storm to pass. During this time, you can do some fun activities with your family and have a good time. In most cases, after the sky clears out, the signal is back again and you can continue watching your TV. If this doesn’t happen, that probably means the antenna was moved. In that case, you should make sure to align the antenna the way it was. This is especially true for houses that have high gain aerials where accuracy is essential. You can try to do this by yourself if you think you’re handy enough. If not, we recommend calling professionals to do it the way it should be done. If you’re looking for someone to take care of your aerials, you can learn more here.

5. Eliminate the splitters

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The splitter is a device that divides that is built to provide multiple outlets for one signal. It is used for diving the signal to more than one TV. But unlike with the amplifier, the signal gets weaker as you add more TVs. That is why we recommend eliminating the splitters and replacing them with amplifiers. You won’t have to decide between who will get the TV in the bedroom. We all know that this can be the source of fighting and discontent, so we want to prevent it from happening. Splitters are long overdue and need to be eliminated. There are much better options nowadays that can enable having an optimal TV signal no matter how many TVs are included.

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In these modern times, we are used to everything running smoothly, starting from the internet to various devices. That is why having a weak TV signal can be so frustrating. Fortunately, it doesn’t mean that it is the end of the world if you notice channels start pixelating or completely disappearing. There is more than one thing you can do about it to fix the situation. You should place the aerial outside and position it as high as possible. Always make sure the antenna is aligned after the storm. Eliminate splitters and install amplifiers that will enable increasing the signal while adding up the number of TVs. After applying some of these recommendations, days with bad TV signal will become a past.