Why Companies Need Weatherproof Brochure Holders?

Defining the marketing strategy is a crucial part of branding. It is important to focus on different methods to attract more clients. Also, proper marketing will help you to improve the status of your company on the market. However, it needs to be cost-efficient as well, which means that combining a lot of these methods is not a good idea. We can notice that a lot of companies are now focused on online promotions.

That is very efficient, and you don’t need to invest so much if you want to target people with ads that will appear on websites and social media. However, the competition is very high today, which means that you must be unique and attractive to reach more people. That is the main reason why some standard methods are still active, such as public advertising. There are different forms of public advertising, like placing banners on buildings, busses, pedestrian areas, and more. Also, flyers and brochures are popular for a long time already.

If you own a public store, it is always a good idea to place a brochure holder inside, so the people who get in can use it to get more information about your products and services. On the other hand, you can set a holder outside of your store, so the passengers can one as well. This is an even better solution since you might attract people who were not interested in visiting your store before that. If you are interested in buying outside brochure holders, check out brochureholders4u.com. Moreover, we are going to introduce you with main advantages of this option.

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Improved Marketing

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As we already mentioned, the great thing about this solution is that you might attract a lot more people. Even though you can share these brochures online over various websites and social media, chances are even bigger that the passengers will get a brochure from the holder. Interestingly, people love catalogs in a psychical form. However, if you keep these holders only inside of your store, they will reach only those people who already knows about your brand. In that matter, outside stand is very efficient.

You can Place It On Different Places

Hiring a lot of people can be quite expensive over time if you want them to share your promo materials all over the city. On the other side, you can rent a couple of spots where you can install your stand and fill it with catalogs. It can be much more efficient over time. However, you should focus on choosing a proper holder as well, so it can serve as a good protection from weather conditions. Many models are resistant to physical damage and water. Also, there is a great selection of sizes as well. For example, you can add a small holder only for contact cards, and place it near some bus station or other place with lots of passengers every day. This is much more affordable than paying to have a banner on some building or vehicle.

It is Cost Efficient

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As we already mentioned, one of the main reasons to choose this marketing strategy is that it is much more affordable than most of other types of public advertisements. If you buy a proper holder, it can serve you for years, which means that you will only need to spend money on printing new catalogs. However, you should pay attention that they are in good condition since someone could break them. Another great thing is that you can find great models for only around $30. Therefore, you can place five of them and fill with brochures for under $200.

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Great For Targeting Older Generations

The fact is that older people are still not using the internet in a way as younger people do. That is especially a case when it comes to online shopping. A lot of people prefer going to public stores so they can check the products before they buy them. Also, that is part of their habits, and a lot of them enjoys in going to stores. In that matter, placing these holders all over the city is a great way to attract these people. You can experiment with additional marketing strategies as well. For example, you can add a feature where people could use flyers or brochures to get a discount. That is a very effective branding method.

How to Choose the Right Model?

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Another advantage is that there is a great selection of models, sizes, designs, and materials. Transparent plastic is the most popular option because it is cheap and provides excellent resistance. If you want to choose something more elegant, wood is the best solution. It is common for bars and restaurants to keep them in front of the entrance so the passengers can find out about the menu and prices.

When it comes to the selection of the right holder, focus on the design and type of promo materials. For example, if you are sharing magazines, the best is to keep only one holder near your business. The thing is that a lot of people will take these magazines, and you might need to fill the holder more often. On the other side, thin brochures and flyers are the perfect solutions if you want to set several holders around the city. It will be cheap for you to fill them all the time.

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The Bottom Line

The great thing is that you can combine various strategies and buy different types of holders. For example, you can place a bigger one with catalogs in some pedestrian street, a small brochure holder on some bus station, and a more elegant one somewhere near your company or the entrance. It is a very efficient way to improve the status of your brand and make more people interested in your products and services.

Also, you can experiment with different strategies, offer discounts, introduce new products, and much more. This model with combination with online promotions will provide you with a chance to significantly improve your reach without the need to spend a lot of money.